Grapple Garbage Truck Rental Service

What Are the Types of Grapple Garbage Trucks?

Grapple garbage trucks are a must-have for bulk waste removal, using a boom arm and claw to dispose of everything from tree limbs and construction site debris to household furniture and disaster site wreckage. Challenging jobs that would otherwise have to be done manually by a multi-person crew can now be done by one operator in the…
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What are the Grapple Garbage Truck Specifications?

Renting a grapple garbage truck from Big Truck Rental is a perfect way to maximize your profits while controlling your operating costs. Grapple trucks are sturdy workhorses equipped with a claw arm to efficiently dispose of bulky waste that would otherwise require whole teams of employees to manually remove. Here at Big Truck Rental, our grapple trucks…
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The History of the Grapple Garbage Truck

Some innovations offer so many benefits that they quickly become a standard part of their industry. This is certainly the case when it comes to grapple garbage trucks. The history of these powerful and dependable vehicles starts back in the 1950s, when America was going through an economic revolution. A smarter, easier way to haul bulky items…
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3 Advantages of Renting a Grapple Garbage Truck

Grapple garbage trucks are a great way to expand your company’s range of services. Their chief innovation is a unique jointed arm that resembles a backhoe but has a hand-like pincer at the end instead of a dirt-digging scoop. This feature allows the equipment to lift heavy, bulky items and deposit them into the vehicle’s waste bin.…
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