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Everything You Need to Know About the Peterbilt 567 Roll Off Garbage Truck

When it comes to the disposal of trash, great performance is non-negotiable. That’s why the Peterbilt 567 Roll Off Garbage Truck is designed for rugged durability and optimum efficiency. Here are some key features and specs that make this industry standout such a popular choice for waste hauling fleets.

Learn everything you need to know about the Peterbilt 567 so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to your next garbage truck rental.

Peterbilt 567 Roll Off Truck Specifications

The Peterbilt 567 Roll Off truck offers a wide range of standard features for maximum functionality. These features are designed to ensure the smoothest possible ride, while also supporting optimal productivity when it comes to trash pick-up. Key specs include:

  • Lightweight Yet Durable Cab – Thanks to the reinforced aluminum structure, you can rest assured that the Peterbilt 567 Roll Off cab offers essential durability on heavy duty jobs. However, its lightweight nature keeps fuel costs reasonable while also ensuring greater efficiency.
  • Interior Comfort and Functionality – It’s also important for your truck operators to be comfortable while driving this roll-off garbage truck. Accordingly, the Peterbilt 567 provides ample leg room, convenient controls, and reduced noise for the best possible experience.
  • Essential Safety Features – This vehicle certainly doesn’t skimp on safety features, which will provide reassurance to truck operators. The collision mitigation system allows the driver to avoid rear-end accidents, while the specially designed handles make getting into and out of the cab a breeze. The design of the hood and windshield are also intended to provide maximum visibility when driving.
  • Enhanced Aerodynamics – The aerodynamic body reduces drag on the vehicle, which increases fuel economy even further. It’s just another way that the team at Peterbilt can benefit your business when it comes to efficiency and cost-savings.

Tips on Using the Peterbilt 567 Roll Off Garbage Truck

Truck operators are encouraged to get to know these vehicles before driving. As a result, your team should consult the owner’s and safety manuals to make sure you’re fully aware of all features and capabilities.

Operators should also have access to personal protective equipment as needed when they’re operating these trucks. This can include protective eyewear, gloves, and hard hats, depending on the worksite conditions.

Before operating the vehicle, drivers are also encouraged to perform a safety inspection. This should entail checking fluid levels, making sure safety features are engaged and functional, and checking the area around the vehicle for other trucks and workers.

These steps greatly minimize risk on worksites, which keeps you and your team safe and secure.

If you’re interested in renting a Peterbilt 567 Roll Off truck for your business, Big Truck Rental has just what you’re looking for. We offer an extensive line of vehicles, which can be rented on a short- or long-term basis depending on your needs. We also provide rent to purchase options to ensure you can build your fleet on your own terms. Contact us today to learn more.

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