Terminal Tractor Rental

Big Truck Rental is proud to launch an exclusive North American terminal tractor rental program with Autocar, an industry-leading terminal tractor manufacturer. This partnership means you have access to the highest quality terminal tractors that get the job done quickly, safely and reliably.  Stretch your capital further, satisfy surges in demand or get out of a jam. Big Truck Rental has you covered.

We have rental programs to meet your needs:

  • On Demand and Short Term Rental (1 week to 28 days)
  • Long Term (6 months+)
  • Rent to Purchase (Build equity while you rent 6–36 months)

Tailored Maintenance Program available to meet your needs.

Benefits of the Autocar Terminal Tractor

  • Easy Ingress/Egress – Extra-large foot grips on walking surfaces and large, highly visible grab handles strategically placed around the cab with large cab doors.
  • Peace of Mind – Semi-trailer auto-lock system that prevents the trailer’s release while the spotter is moving.
  • 100% Steel – Steel curved one-piece pillars and heavy gauge panels for cab strength and durability.
  • Riding on Air – Exclusive four-point premium cab air suspension that works in combination with advanced 14K heavy-duty spring and gas shocks.
  • Deluxe Cab Space – The tallest, widest, and deepest cab in the industry for getting in and out without having to duck, twist or bend.

Terminal tractor rental is a great way to move semi-trailers around your storage terminal, intermodal contact point, or freight yard. By partnering with us here at Big Truck Rental, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of these versatile vehicles without the cost and maintenance issues associated with outright ownership.

Meet Our Terminal Tractor Rental Partner

We’re partnering with Autocar, the leading name in terminal tractor manufacturers. Here are some of the many features their vehicles offer:

  • Cummins engines – which are known for their fully integrated electronic controls, low maintenance requirements, and superb cold starting capabilities.
  • Comfortable, user-friendly cab environments – which offer excellent insulation, superior noise dampening, comfortable seating, and ergonomic controls.
  • Multiple safety features – including spacious windshields, large rearview mirrors, and heavy-duty bumpers.

Terminal Tractor Rental Options

Among other trucks, we offer the most popular Terminal Tractor rental models for your consideration:

  • ACTT 4×2 DOT Terminal Tractorall the advantages you could want in an Autocar terminal tractor, including maximum visibility, multiple safety features, and heavy-duty components.
  • ACTT 4×2 Off-Road Terminal Tractorthe off-road shunt truck offers premium features like a large cab, powerful Cummins engine, impact-resistant windshield, intuitive controls, and easy-to-access entry and exit points.
  • ACTT 6×4 Off-Road Terminal Tractor has all the top features you want in a yard truck, including a spacious cab, advanced ergonomics and user-friendliness, a tight turning radius, and expanded visibility.

Yard Spotter Rental

Terminal tractors are also known as yard spotters and a variety of other terms here in the United States. These include:

  • Yard truck
  • Shunt truck
  • Spotting tractors
  • Yard dogs
  • Yard goats
  • Spotter trucks
  • Or sometimes simply “hostlers” or “mules”

Whatever they’re called, these vehicles all serve the same purpose: to move semitrailers within the confines of a privately-owned facility. In this way, they’re similar to the switcher locomotives used to move railcars around freight train terminals.

With yard spotter rental from Big Truck Rental and our partner Autocar, you get the best vehicles in top condition RIGHT AWAY, with flexible rental agreements to make sure you get the most out of your investment.

Exceptional Features of Terminal Tractors

Terminal tractors are different from conventional tractor-trailers in the following ways:

  • A single person off-set cab constructed of reinforced steel – to protect the operator in extreme or potentially hazardous working environments.
  • A short wheelbase with a reinforced rear axle – allowing the tractor to maneuver in tight spaces surrounded by densely packed semi-trailers.
  • An automated fifth wheel coupling – that the operator can raise or lower as needed to engage or disengage with semi-trailers.
  • A sliding rear door – so the operator can exit the vehicle as needed to attach or detach semitrailer components.
  • A low-powered diesel or electric engine – designed for reliability and fuel efficiency.
  • A simplified transmission, usually automatic – to make the vehicle easier to operate.

In some cases, terminal tractors are occasionally used for short trips on public roads. Let us know if you have this need and our customer service experts will be happy to suggest specific models.

Why Begin a Yard Truck Rental With Big Truck Rental?

Your business is unique and so are its needs. That’s why we’ve created three customized yard truck rental plans from which to choose. These are:

  • On demand and short-term rentals – for usage periods lasting from one week up to 28 days.
  • Long-term rentals – for periods lasting up to six months.
  • Rent-to-purchase – designed for 6 to 36-month intervals. This plan allows you to build equity as you use the vehicles and decide at the end of the rental term whether you want to purchase.

Our world-class terminal tractors are ready and waiting to go to work for you right NOW. So contact us today to get a quote. We look forward to hearing from you.