Rent-To-Purchase Mac Garbage Truck

Garbage Truck Rent-To-Purchase

Like our garbage trucks? Our rental plans are flexible and built to suit your fleet needs. Need a garbage truck for the short term or long term, but want to leave the door open to purchase the rental unit? With our rent-to-purchase program, we put you in the driver’s seat. Select your truck, avoid waits and financing, run your route, and build your equity as you rent. This equity gives you access to a large sum of cash when you need it, without taking on new debt. It also improves your credit score as you make revolving payments on-time, month after month!

Consider the many other benefits of garbage truck rent-to-purchase:

Rent-To-Purchase Garbage Truck Rental Program
Great people to work with!!!!!
- Team member for a municipal waste solution company.

Garbage truck rent-to-purchase options from Big Truck Rental

You’ll never have to worry about availability or a quick delivery. Within 48-72 hours, our team can get the following late-model garbage trucks to you for rent, anywhere from coast-to-coast, in America or Canada:

  • Roll-off Trucks (60K Galbraeth Outside Rail Cable Hoist; Mack, Peterbilt, and Freightliner Chassis)
  • Side Loaders (28 Yard McNeilus Zero Radius and Heil Python Bodies; Peterbilt and Mack Chassis)
  • Front Loaders (40 yard McNeilus Atlantic and Heil Half Pack Bodies; Mack and Peterbilt Tandem Axle Chassis)
  • Rear Loaders (20 and 25 Yard Heil PT 1000/Durapack 5000 and McNeilus 2010/2511 Bodies; Freightliner and Peterbilt Chassis)
  • Grapple Trucks (Petersen TL-3 30 YD Hardox Dump Body; Freightliner M2 Chassis)
  • Terminal Tractors (ACTT 4×2 DOT-compliant/off-road and ACTT 6×4)
  • Container Delivery Trucks (Petersen Industries CP-3 Container Transport)

If you’re not crazy about the truck you rent from us, no harm done. Simply return it. If you absolutely love your ride, keep it with our flexible garbage truck rent-to-purchase agreement! Big Truck Rental will save you the enormous hassle of going to the dealer, selecting custom options, applying and waiting for financing, and waiting even longer for new truck delivery.

Who needs a garbage truck for lease?

There are many reasons customers come to us asking about garbage truck for lease:

  • SCENARIO 1: You need a truck NOW, but your capital budget, banking covenants, and competing projects don’t allow for you to outright purchase another truck at this time. If the timing’s just not right, you can get a new truck from us, rent through the end of the year, and buy the truck with newly allocated funds early next year.
  • SCENARIO 2: You need a truck NOW to fulfill a new one-year contract you just landed. They’ve told you there is a possible three-year renewal, but you don’t want to jump the gun and buy a whole new fleet. What if the contract doesn’t work out? So, for now, you can rent-to-purchase with the plan to purchase the trucks, should you win the three-year extension.
  • SCENARIO 3: You need a truck NOW, but truck lead time is crazy. You’ve gotten burned in the past, waiting on customization or other hiccups in the manufacturing process. Think of our lease agreement as a tool to get you into a new truck today, while building equity through rental.

How a garbage truck rent to purchase program works

The garbage truck rent-to-purchase program by Big Truck Rental is simple:

  • Select one of our new or used trucks – your choice.
  • The purchase price of the truck is established up front.
  • Rental periods run from a minimum of six months, with a maximum of 18 months.
  • You may purchase the truck any time within your rental window or at the end of the term.
  • Big Truck Rental will apply a portion of the paid rental toward the purchase price of the truck.

Try it before you buy it at Big Truck Rental. Since 2002, we’ve helped waste management companies keep more trucks on the road, without the typical industry delays. If you’ve never leased or rented before, our friendly team is standing by to explain the whole process to you. Our flexible terms of service lets you opt in or out as your business situation calls for it. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain when you contact Big Truck Rental, North America’s leader in rent-to-own garbage trucks.

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