Garbage Truck Rent to Purchase Balance Sheet Flexibility

In the modern world of waste management, flexible financial arrangements like rent-to-purchase agreements are becoming more and more popular. Long term rental, month-to-month rental, and rent-to-own agreements allow for fleets large and small to plan ahead. Big Truck Rental can assist with your immediate goals — whether you’re concerned about market volatility and the health of new potentially-long-term contracts, or you’re wanting to take your time with equipment selection and improve the resiliency of your balance sheet.

What is balance sheet flexibility?

Balance sheets list a company’s assets (cash, stocks, bonds, accounts receivable, inventory, owned equipment, and prepaid expenses), as well as their liabilities (outstanding debts, bank loans, accounts payable, equipment depreciation, and accrued payroll taxes). These financial records provide a snapshot of a business’s health immediately and over time. Balance sheets are commonly-used tools to assess a company’s flexibility and liquidity.

Maintaining a “strong” and “flexible” balance sheet essentially says a company can weather any storm on the horizon. This not only gives the CEO and investors much-needed peace of mind, but also inspires confidence in employees and looks good to creditors. Also, when it comes to garbage truck purchase, budget flexibility is key. Renting is an excellent bridge to acquiring new equipment without creating significant debt or straining resources.

How does garbage truck renting lead to a strong balance sheet?

Renting a garbage truck carries many benefits to outright purchasing:

• Renting gives you immediate access to a truck, without tying up a capital investment.
• Rental payments are considered a line-item expense on your Profit & Loss statement, so you won’t have to worry about depreciation schedules.
• Without equipment purchase debt on your balance sheet, your company could look better to financial institutions.

In North America, Waste Haulers Call Big Truck Rental

Garbage truck rent-to-purchase balance sheet flexibility has never been easier. Big Truck Rental services North America with rental and rent-to-own garbage trucks, often within 48 hours. With offices based in Markham, Ontario and Tampa, Florida, we serve as solutions providers to companies who are cash-strapped, in need of more flexible arrangements, or who are simply on the verge of significant growth. We allow businesses or municipalities to keep their financial balance sheets above the “red,” offering the flexibility to use cash on other important areas of business. Contact us to discuss your fleet needs. We’ve got a flexible solution that will look good on your balance sheet.