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Roll Off Garbage Truck Rental

Our extensive fleet of roll-off garbage trucks are ready to tackle natural disaster relief, handle construction and renovation, give an aging fleet a break and take on any project. Contact Big Truck Rental—your Any Time, Any Way truck solution—to book your truck today.

  • Galbreath 60,000 lb. Standard Outside Rail Hoist with Auto Tarping System
  • Conventional Cab Freightliner, Peterbilt, and Mack Chassis
  • 20,000 lb. Front Axle and 46,000 lb. Rear Axles with 20,000 lb. Steerable Drop Axle
  • Canada
  • Various assortment of body and chassis
  • Typically equipment with 60,000 lb. Hoists and Auto Tarper
Roll Off Loader Garbage Truck Rental Detail

Big Truck Rental is a premier North American source for roll off garbage truck rental. We rent a highly modernized fleet of quad-axle roll off trucks on flexible short-term and long-term contracts. We take care of all the upfront investment expense. You simply pay to rent the best equipment that serves your immediate and strategic needs. For more than 15 years, we’ve enabled American and Canadian businesses to have greater versatility in their operations.

Do you need a roll off garbage truck for rent?

Roll off garbage trucks, also called dumpster trucks, are used for rolling dumpsters on and off their chassis. Compared to a fixed body truck, roll offs provide greater flexibility to pick up large industrial loads. The use of one roll-off truck allows waste collectors to condense their fleet in many cases. Outside rail cable style roll-offs are the industry standard, using rollers placed along the side of a frame for box skids to roll across. A rental roll off garbage truck may be the perfect solution if you:

  • Want to save money, labor hours, and frustration.
  • Have an immediate need for a truck to grow your business.
  • Have a down truck and need support.
  • Collect general refuse, heavy items, construction scrap, recycling goods, and a variety of materials.

Roll off truck rental options

Among other trucks, we offer some of the most popular roll off truck rental models for your consideration, including:

  • Mack GU713 – The Mack Granite Series chassis offers powerful, durable, and versatile collection capacity. Design features allow for tighter turns, superior visibility, and improved fuel efficiency. Drivers love the premium seating and easy-to-reach controls that reduce fatigue.
  • Freightliner 114SD – The 114SD is built with ergonomics and superior visibility in mind. Efficient uplift is guaranteed with clear back-of-cab platforms. The 2,500 square-inch windshield and sloped hood allow drivers to see the road more clearly. The engine is optimized for better fuel efficiency.
  • Peterbilt 567 – A workhorse of a work truck, the 567 features the option of a set-forward or set-back front axle (as well as multiple lift axles) for maximum versatility and optimized weight distribution. Built for endurance and durability, the 567 comes with a 115- or 121-inch BBC.
  • Galbreath U5-OR-174 Roll-off – Galbreath roll-off cable hoists remain the industry standard for durability and service life. The Outside Rail series is renowned for its easy operation and safety. The outside rail offers 60,000 lb. capacity and manageable 18-22 ft. containers. The centered-cab-mount power tower, plug n’ playwiring system, Pintle-ready rear aprons, and standard inside air control makes use a breeze, while safety takes centerstage with automatic front container spring-loaded locking system, rear container hold-downs, heavy-duty safety props, fold-up ICC bumper, and backup alarms.

All our roll-off truck rentals come with auto tarper systems, outside rail cable hoists, and other features that allow you to modernize your fleet immediately, without significant investment capital. Majority of our models in our well-maintained fleet are less than 24 months old, so you can depend on us for reliable equipment.

THINK BIG and rent a waste management roll off truck from us!

Contact us to THINK BIG and learn more about renting a waste management roll off truck that does more for your money. We have offices located in Tampa, FL and Markham, ON, with service waste collectors all across the USA and Canada. With highly competitive rates and responsive customer service, you’ll be in good hands with us.