Grapple Garbage Truck Rental

Our Grapple Garbage trucks are built to take care of business in residential route applications. They have the functionality and reliability to take on large volume projects while keeping your employees safe without manually handling the waste. Have a down truck or fueling growth? We have your Any Time, Any Way truck solution.

  • Petersen TL-3 30 YD Hardox Dump Body
  • Freightliner M2 Chassis
  • GVW 33,000 lbs.
  • 20 ft. boom reach includes 4 ft. telescoping extension
  • Lifts 3,200 lbs. when fully extended at 20 ft. and 10 ft. maximum lift capacity of 7,100 lbs.

Rent Grapple Garbage Trucks for Bulk Waste Removal

If you’re looking for trucks that can easily transport heavy waste, including fallen tree limbs and construction site debris, then our grapple garbage truck rental services could be the answer.

The grapple loader attached to the truck’s frame gives the operator the ability to grasp and lift up to several thousand pounds with a 360-degree range of motion. Grapple trucks collect waste in hard-to-reach or dangerous areas where it’s best not to have operators risking their well-being. They also can substitute effectively for traditional garbage trucks when extremely large amounts of refuse are a factor.

Let’s face it: Garbage truck operators never know what they’ll have to collect next. That’s why your fleet needs to be ready to handle even the heaviest, bulkiest loads. That’s where Big Truck Rental comes in. Since 2002, we have provided customers throughout North America with the world’s best and most reliable garbage trucks.

Whatever your fleet’s needs might be, our smart and knowledgeable professionals are always here to help you meet them!

Grapple Truck Rental Options

Among other trucks, we offer the most popular Grapple truck rental model for your consideration:

  • Peterson TL-3 –  The standard-setter in the industry, features a highly versatile 20-foot boom arm that can lift over 3,000 pounds at full extension (and over 7,000 lbs at half-extension). The TL3 is hugely popular because it allows a single operator to quickly and efficiently pick up and dump bulk waste from the safety of the cab, without the need for a team of workers to manually load or dispose of the trash.

All our Grapple truck rentals come with all the features that allow you to modernize your fleet immediately, without significant investment capital. Majority of our models in our well-maintained fleet are less than 24 months old, so you can depend on us for reliable equipment.

Why You Might Need a Grapple Garbage Truck

Bulky waste presents an ongoing problem for any waste management program. While garbage trucks such as rear loaders and front loaders can safely collect most household and commercial waste, they are not designed to deal with bigger waste items. Fortunately, grapple trucks are made to do just that!

A grapple truck works by using a flexible crane and claw to load heavy waste into the dumpster. These trucks can collect bulky waste items such as:

  • Discarded furniture
  • Large appliances
  • Bathroom fixtures
  • Construction debris
  • Tree branches and logs

Keep in mind that bulky waste doesn’t always fall into neat categories. That’s why the sheer flexibility of a grapple dump truck is so valuable for waste removal. Today’s top-of-the-line trucks can lift and haul items that weigh thousands of pounds, so they’re fully equipped to handle anything that they’re likely to encounter.

Consider the possibilities when renting a truck with a grapple loader:

  • Remove wreckage from residential construction sites while keeping the truck operator inside the cab and out of harm’s way
  • Traditional bulk trash pickup in residential communities
  • Neighborhoods with close-proximity parallel streets where the roll-off truck design is not practical
  • Cleanup of sharp, heavy debris left over from the aftermath of natural disasters
  • Hands-free collection of bulky waste – no object is too irregularly shaped, unwieldy, large, or dangerous
  • Elimination of downed trees which might be obstructing, roads, driveways or bodies of water

Why Begin a Grapple Truck Rental with Big Truck Rental?

If you want to run your fleet safely and efficiently, then having the right rental trucks can make a tremendous difference. Not only will it mean greater efficiency, but it will also help to keep your fleet safe. If you aren’t using trucks that are designed to handle heavy waste, then you’re risking damage to your property. That’s why a truck with grapple loader can be such an important tool. These versatile trucks are well-suited for any refuse removal program that includes large waste items, such as:

  • Residential and commercial garbage collection
  • Forestry and logging waste disposal
  • Natural disaster relief

Keep Your Crew Safe

One of the biggest advantages of these trucks is that they reduce the risk of injury to your crew. With grapple trucks, your fleet operators won’t have to handle the waste items themselves, and they won’t need to exit the vehicle at any time during the pickup process. By reducing the risk factor involved with heavy and potentially hazardous waste items, having these trucks on your fleet can spare you considerable headaches.

If you’re ready to learn what our rental trucks can do for your program, then it’s time to contact us to request a quote!

How Big Truck Rental Can Help Your Fleet

When you’re in need of dependable garbage trucks in a hurry, Big Truck Rental has all the options you need. We service all of North America, and can usually deliver your truck within 48 hours!

We offer state-of-the-art models from the top grapple truck manufacturers in the industry. In addition, every truck we rent is less than two years old, so you can always count on top performance.

When you work with Big Truck Rental, you’ll be able to make waste collection easier, faster, and safer than ever before. Are you ready to learn more about our services? Contact us today to find out how our team can help you!