Side Loader Garbage Truck Pickup

Side-Loader Garbage Truck Rental

These side-loader trucks exceed collection expectations and are flexible enough to handle all kinds of residential obstacles. Stuck for a truck? Call your Any Time, Any Truck solutions provider.

  • 28-yard McNeilus® Zero Radius & Heil® Python/ 31-yard Labrie® Automizer & Expert bodies
  • Peterbilt® and Mack® chassis
  • 20,000-lb front axle & 46,000 rear axle
  • Dual-Steer and Groeneveld Auto Lube System
Big Truck Rental’s Side-Loader Garbage Truck Rental Detail

Since 2002, the name Big Truck Rental has become synonymous with supportive, flexible, and dependable waste management. As North America’s leading source for garbage truck rentals and purchases, we offer top-of-the-line models packed with easy-to-use tech that optimizes your waste collection operations. We are happy to help you get started, providing consultation and turnkey service.


Primarily used for household waste collection, side-loader garbage trucks can be loaded manually from the side, or automatically by a driver-operated robotic arm. The automated side loaders in particular have become increasingly popular, as they allow a single operator to service up to 1,500 homes in a day.

Manual side loaders still have a place in the waste hauling industry. Their nimble size and quieter operations allow them to go where automated trucks can’t. Manual side loaders can also be retrofitted with cart tippers to become “semi-automated,” when necessary.

A side-loader garbage truck may be the perfect solution if you’d like to:

  • Improve safety – Reduce the number of repetitive overuse injuries by 70% with an ASL truck.
  • Add more stops – Pick up approximately 30% more stops on your routes, using one driver instead of two.

The Best Side-Loader Trucks

When you rent a side-loader trash truck from Big Truck Rental, you get access to a top-of-the-line fleet of Mack® and Peterbilt® dual-drive chassis with bodies from the best manufacturers in the industry:

  • Heil® Python – Heil® side-loader truck models can lift 1,600 lbs. up to 9 feet in a smooth, 8-second movement. These innovative, lightweight bodies reduce the cost of collection significantly.
  • McNeilus® Zero Radius – McNeilus® side-loader trucks feature a patented tool steel shaver and nitride rods to resist hydraulic wear & tear, long-lasting paint finishes, and systems with advanced troubleshooting.
  • Labrie® Automizer – Labrie® side-loader trucks reach up to 12 feet with 6- to 9-second cycle times and up to 900 pounds of lifting power at full reach. Choose from left- or right-hand drive positions for convenient operation. Quieter and more efficient than diesel trucks, Labrie® side loaders can squeeze down alleys and one-way streets.

Rent or Buy a Waste Management Side Loader

When you need a side loader, you can always count on Big Truck Rental. Every truck in our rental fleet is less than 24 months old, giving you fresh machines and the newest tech. We also offer full online support and training programs to bring your collection crews up to speed on new trucks.

To learn more about renting or purchasing side-loader garbage trucks in the U.S. or Canada, contact Big Truck Rental.

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