Garbage Truck News and Updates

Jason Zabiela - director of sales canada BTR

Jason Zabiela Named Director of Sales – Canada for BTR

Big Truck Rental(BTR) announced that Jason Zabiela will be taking on the role of Director of Sales – Canada. Jason will be responsible for the strategy and execution for all industry segments of the BTR Canadian business.  Zabiela will be reporting directly to Vice President of Sales Eric Voss. Jason has over 18 years of B2B…
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Jason Stumm - Director of Sales - West Region of BTR

Jason Stumm Named Director of Sales – West Region for BTR

Big Truck Rental (BTR) announced that Jason Stumm will be taking on the role of Director of Sales – West Region. Jason will be responsible for the strategy and execution for BTR’s refuse business in the Mountain and Pacific time zones in the US.  Stumm will be reporting directly to Vice President of Sales Eric Voss.…
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Jaksa Panic named Vice President of Fleet for BTR

BTR,, announced today that (JP) Jaksa Panic has been promoted to Vice President of Fleet. JP will now be reporting to COO, Mike Zukusky, and relocating to BTR headquarters in Tampa, Florida. JP originally joined BTR in 2017 as Canadian Director of Sales and promoted in 2019 to Vice President of Canada. “I am proud and…
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Grapple Truck Comparisons: Which Model is Right for Your Fleet?

Grapple trucks are the perfect solution for dealing with bulk waste removal. Equipped with powerful hydraulic arms and grabber claws, a grapple truck can pick up and dispose of waste that is too heavy or unwieldy for a human crew to safely handle. Like any kind of tool, grapple trucks come in different types, each with its…
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Which Rear Loader Garbage Truck is Right for Your Residential Route

While rear-loader garbage trucks offer durability and versatility, consider the unique needs of your trash removal business to make the best selection. When it comes to residential trash removal businesses, garbage truck rental is a great way to get the job done cost-effectively. However, business owners should choose the model and brand that best suits their needs.…
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Specifications of the Heil Python Side Loader

Heil’s DuraPack Python automated side loader garbage truck combines two incredible pieces of technology: Heil’s DuraPack body and the Python automated grappling arm. Together, they create one of the top automated side loader refuse trucks on the market today. Adding one of these vehicles to your fleet is a great way to expand your waste management company’s…
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Media Release: Big Truck Rental to be known as BTR

TAMPA, FLORIDA – April 10, 2023 – Big Truck Rental, North America’s leading essential services rental vehicle provider to be known as BTR – Big Truck Rental (BTR). BTR has been North America’s number one source for rental trucks in the waste industry for over 20 years, but BTR is now more than just renting garbage trucks.…
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How to Operate a Terminal Tractor

Terminal tractors allow the efficient moving of semi-trailers around truck yards. While these vehicles are indispensable in warehouses and depots, improper operation can lead to serious accidents and injuries. That’s why operators of terminal tractors and business owners renting these vehicles must be aware of the proper safety procedures. The following recommended practices can greatly minimize risk…
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Specifications of the McNeilus Zero Radius Side Loader Garbage Truck

In this blog, we’ll examine the McNeilus Zero Radius Side Loader garbage truck and its capabilities. With a fast pack cycle and the largest hopper of any side loader on the market, the McNeilus ZR is designed to handle all kinds of clearance issues. Able to navigate narrow streets and around parked cars and other obstacles, the…
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Advantages of the 2R-III Rear Loader

One truck that continues to gain popularity in the waste management industry is the Leach 2R-III rear loader garbage truck. With its 3.5 cubic yard hopper, 5.5” packer/carrier operating cylinders, and 22-second packing cycle, the 2R-III is regarded as one of the most efficient rear load collection tools on the market today. Thanks in part to its diamond-shaped…
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