Front Loader Garbage Truck Display

Front-Loader Garbage Truck Rental

Our front-loader garbage trucks are built to withstand the toughest commercial routes. With top-of-the-line functionality and reliability, BTR’s front loaders make your routes easier and more profitable.

We Offer

  • 40-yard McNeilus Atlantic®/Contender®, Wittke Starlight®, & Heil® Half-Pack Bodies
  • Mack® & Peterbilt® Tandem-Axle Chassis
  • 20,000 lb. Front Axle & 46,000 lb. Rear Axle
Big Truck Rental’s front loader garbage truck rental

Since 2002, the name Big Truck Rental has become synonymous with supportive, flexible, and dependable waste management. As North America’s leading source for front-loader garbage truck rentals and purchases, we offer top-of-the-line models packed with easy-to-use tech that optimizes your waste collection operations.

We are happy to help you get started, providing consultation and turnkey  service.

Do You Need a Front Loader?

Front-loader garbage trucks are equipped with hydraulic forklifts capable of emptying dumpsters into the vehicle’s rear hopper, where refuse is compacted by a hydraulic packer. Most modern front loaders will hold up to 40 cubic yards of refuse and can lift containers weighing up to 8,000 lbs., using joystick controls. Many models also offer exterior cameras as an option, allowing technicians to maintain situational awareness at all times.

Front-loader garbage trucks are best suited for:

  • Collecting large amounts of commercial waste materials
  • Servicing stores, offices, restaurants, and multi-family housing units
  • Compacting waste on-the-go, allowing crews to finish routes more quickly and efficiently

The Best Front-Loader Trash Trucks

Built on the industry’s most comfortable Mack® and Peterbilt® chassis, our garbage trucks are available with the following 40-yard, peak-performance front loaders:

Rent or Buy a Front-Loader Trash Truck

Big Truck Rental is the modern way to run your waste management business. Need a truck fast? THINK BIG. Want to increase your fleet, but not your budget? THINK BIG. Want to try the latest model before you buy it? THINK BIG.

Get in touch with Big Truck Rental to learn more about how we can help support your operations.


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