Wittke SuperDuty Front Loader Garbage Truck Rental

The Wittke SuperDuty front loader garbage truck is a large yet surprisingly nimble waste hauler known for its superior lifting capacity, efficient hydraulics, and innovative design. Here at Big Truck Rental, we’re proud to offer this outstanding vehicle to our valued clients.

The Power and Versatility You Need in a Full-Sized Trash Truck

The SuperDuty’s 4-inch arms are load-rated at 10,000 pounds, giving you the power you need to handle even the heaviest debris. Like its little brother the Starlight, the SuperDuty can be configured for either commercial waste bins or residential trash carts, making it not only powerful but versatile as well.

Wittke SuperDuty Front Loader Features Superior Hydraulics

Wittke leads the industry when it comes to hydraulic systems. The SuperDuty’s packing cycle takes only 18-20 seconds, with a complete arm cycle requiring only 12-14 seconds. This has the potential to shave 20 minutes off the average eight-hour shift, allowing your workers to get more done without costing you overtime.

Excellent Durability Without Excess Weight

The SuperDuty is made from 100% abrasion resistant (AR) steel, a high-carbon alloy designed specifically for waste and material handling applications. Yet the truck weighs a mere 16,700 pounds, allowing you to obtain a 5% or higher legal payload.

Ingenious Tailgate Design Prevents Needless Wear and Tear

Unlike other trucks on the market, the SuperDuty’s tailgate moves in a simple straight up and down motion, locking itself without causing needless friction to the seal.

Rugged Durascope Packer Cylinders

The hydraulics on your garbage trucks take a beating every moment of the working day. The SuperDuty’s packer cylinders are equipped with nitraded rods, anti-contamination shavers, and reinforced seals to keep dirt and debris away from crucial components.

Plow-Shaped Packer Panel Keeps Waste Where It Belongs

Wittke’s unique plow-shaped packer panel directs debris into the body of the truck, resulting in 12% higher compaction ratios while reducing your cleaning costs. Plus, the packer’s tracks and wear shoes are reinforced with chromium overlays designed to last throughout the lifespan of the vehicle.

Double-Sweeper Canopy Design With Gutters

The SuperDuty’s canopy sweeper design makes operating a Wittke SuperDuty front loader easier on your drivers by sparing them the hassle of exiting the truck to collect fallen debris. The SuperDuty also has gutters located in its canopies that direct waste fluids into the hopper, preventing contaminated liquids from entering the public ecosystem.

Wittke SuperDuty Front Loader Garbage Truck Rental

With a front loader garbage truck rental from Big Truck Rental, you can save money and get a high-performance truck only when you need it. We make garbage truck renting easy with flexible short- and long-term rental agreements, including rent-to-purchase options.  Contact us today to get a quote on a Wittke SuperDuty Front Loading truck or any of the many other industry-leading waste removal vehicles we offer.