Heil Half Pack Front Loader Garbage Truck Rental

The Heil Half Pack Front Loader garbage truck has been a leading vehicle in the waste hauling industry for over 30 years. By renting your new Heil truck from Big Truck Rental, you enjoy all the benefits of ownership without the exorbitant cash outlay and maintenance worries of an outright purchase.

Why the Heil Half Pack Front Loader Garbage Truck Is in A Class All Its Own

When it comes to setting an industry standard for quality, Heil front loader trucks are at the top of the list. The company went above and beyond when designing the Half Pack front loading garbage truck. Its features include:

  • Shur-Lock tailgate locks – allow the operator to control the tailgate system from within the cab while preventing loss of cargo.
  • In-cab digital alert – notifies the operator when the tailgate is safely sealed.
  • Protected hydraulics – the hydraulic valve assembly is protected by the underside of the truck, keeping it away from engine heat and allowing easy access to the valve bodies.
  • Updated sensors – eliminating the need for manual proximity switches, giving your employees one less thing to worry about.
  • Improved control panel – operating a Heil Half Pack front loader garbage truck just got a lot easier, thanks to the redesigned pushbutton control system with built-in backlights.
  • Zinc-protected hydraulic tubes – guarding these vital components against corrosion and minimizing the need for oversight and maintenance.
  • Reinforced hopper – Double-wall design allows you to pack more trash in less space.
  • Backup safety lights – giving your drivers light to see by as they operate the truck in reverse.
  • Integrated display with onboard diagnostic tools – allows the operator to control the vehicle with at-a-glance convenience.
  • Protected hydraulic system – the arm cylinders feature hardened rod scrapers that block paint, melted plastic, and contaminated water from the cylinder seal.

Available Heil Half Pack Front Loader Upgrades

  • Odyssey® control system – uses a joystick-enabled design to make operating the truck easier than ever before. Includes Pack Retract and Pack Extend command options.
  • Extended camera options – allowing you to connect up to eight cameras for full 360° visibility.
  • Upgraded digital package – allows you to go online for fuel tax information, route management tips, and body/chassis data.
  • Anti-rodent harness loom – protect the truck’s wiring from damage by rats and other vermin.

Heil Half Pack Front Loader Garbage Truck Rental

Besides the Heil half pack front loader, we have a full range of other garbage trucks to rent. We offer flexible short- and long-term rental agreements to fit your needs and budget, and we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. Call to learn more about our front loader garbage trucks for rent or to get a quote. Our sales associates are ready and waiting to get you the refuse truck you need without delay and at an affordable price.