Wittke Starlight Front Loader Garbage Truck Rental

A Wittke Starlight front loader garbage truck is a compact, powerful refuse hauler built of ultra-durable 450 Hardox steel. Its quick, ultra-quiet arm mechanism can increase your operational efficiency by up to 20%.

Plus, the light weight of the Wittke Starlight can help you to collect more trash per payload and boost your profits. Here at Big Truck Rental, we are proud to offer these excellent vehicles to our customers.

Why Hardox Steel Makes a Difference

Hardox 450 is a type of steel developed specifically for heavy-duty use in components with moving parts. It’s five times more abrasion-resistant than mild steel, making it the ideal material for hard-working waste haulers like the Wittke Starlight.

Because Hardox is so durable, it requires less maintenance than other types of steel. This means you’ll enjoy lower operating costs and longer service life from your Wittke Starlight than from competing models. Your Starlight will also resist dents, dings, and scratches, keeping your fleet looking professional and boosting your company’s public image.

The Best Operating Arm in the Business

Wittke has developed one of the most efficient hydraulic systems in the waste hauling industry. The Starlight’s lifting cycle takes a mere 14 seconds to complete, so your people can do more work in less time.

The Starlight also uses Wittke’s ultra-quiet “work-at-idle” feature. This means that noise-sensitive customers can slumber right through your trash collecting operations, sparing you the trouble of dealing with public complaints.

Wittke Starlight Front Loader: Heavier Payloads for More Profits

As you know, the weight of your vehicles cuts into the amount of profit you earn from every truckload of waste. One way to solve this problem is to choose a lightweight model like the Wittke Starlight. With its 15,500-pound body weight, you can collect more refuse and make more money on every payload.

Haul More Waste in Less Time

With its reduced maintenance requirements and greater operating efficiency, the Wittke Starlight can shave up to 20 minutes off the average eight-hour working shift.

That’s 20 extra minutes a day to collect more waste or perform other important tasks. By operating a Wittke Starlight front loader, you’ll get more work done without the need to hire additional employees.

Wittke Starlight Front Loader Garbage Truck Rental

With a front loader truck rental from Big Truck Rental, you can get the truck you need, when you need it, without having to shoulder the exorbitant cost of buying it outright. Looking for a top-quality garbage truck to rent? We offer flexible short- and long-term rental agreements to suit your needs and budget. Contact us today for additional information or to get a quote on a Wittke Starlight front loading truck or one of our other world class vehicles from industry-leading manufacturers.