McNeilus Contender Front Loader Garbage Truck Rental

The McNeilus Contender front loader garbage truck has long been a favorite in the waste hauling industry. Its heavy-duty construction, efficient design, and ease of operation make it an outstanding work vehicle for both commercial and residential routes.

By renting your new McNeilus Contender from us here at Big Truck Rental, you can enjoy all of these benefits without the expense and headaches of ownership. There’s no better way to maximize your profits while minimizing your operating costs.

McNeilus Contender Front Loader Garbage Truck

In designing the McNeilus front loader, the manufacturer merged insights from earlier models with cutting-edge technological innovations. That’s why it offers outstanding features like these:

  • Hopper floor and walls constructed of AR400 steel for ultimate durability.
  • Highly efficient pack cycle that ensures a clear hopper at all times.
  • Backlit screens, sealed keypads, and an easy-to-read diagnostic display that make operating a McNeilus Contender front loader garbage truck easier than ever.
  • A generous 13 cubic yard topper capacity for hauling more waste in fewer trips.
  • Arms with an 8000-pound lifting capacity.
  • An air lift canopy for outstanding chassis coverage.
  • 118,000 PSI compaction rating that gives you the power you need to get the job done.
  • Multiplexed electronics for added efficiency and reliability.
  • Rounded body floor and X-Wear chromium carbide shoes that protect critical components throughout the operating life of the vehicle.
  • Excalibre™ cylinders that include a hardened steel scraper to protect the hydraulics from contamination.
  • Built on the legendary Peterbilt Model 320 chassis for assured reliability.

The Options You Need to Get the Job Done

The McNeilus Contender front loading garbage truck is available in a range of body sizes, from 32 to 43 cubic yards to meet your exact requirements.

You can also choose from four distinct engine sizes, all of them proudly built by Cummins. You can even choose between a conventional and compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel system. With Big Truck Rental, you’re always in the driver’s seat.

McNeilus Contender Front Loading Garbage Truck Rental

Besides the McNeilus Contender, we also have a wide range of other front loader garbage trucks to rent. No matter what truck you choose, our convenient short- and long-term rental agreement options give you a level of flexibility and freedom that you could never enjoy with a conventional purchase contract.

We’d love to tell you more about the benefits of our garbage truck rentals. Call or use our easy online form to get a quote. Don’t wait to get the truck you need – contact us today to get started.