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How to Operate a McNeilus Contender Front Loader Garbage Truck

Garbage truck operation varies widely across brands. This is why training and time behind the wheel are required when acquiring a new truck model for the first time. The McNeilus Contender front-loader garbage truck is no exception, especially given some of its recent technology upgrades. If you have plans to add this durable and reliable truck to your existing fleet in the Canadian region, get the resources you need to operate this model safely and efficiently (McNeilus front loader garbage truck rentals are only available in Canada).

Refer to the McNeilus Contender Manual

If you have any operation related questions, always refer to the manual as your primary source of information. The manual is comprehensive and includes full instructions for the manufacturer’s patented CODE controls. The brand-exclusive CODE simplifies diagnostics and troubleshooting and is a staple on most modern McNeilus garbage trucks.

For your convenience, we provide a digital copy of the McNeilus front-loader manual on our documents page. We recommend printing a copy and keeping it handy in the truck cabin. You can also point your operators to our documents page so they can reference the manual on their personal mobile device.

Visit the McNeilus Website

If you have further questions, you can visit the McNeilus website directly for additional resources. The site contains operation tutorial videos for specific controls, such as operating the main and signal relief valves or controlling the reeving work port.

If you still have questions that the videos don’t answer, you can get in touch with a company representative. McNeilus’ customer service is just as reputable as its garbage trucks. If you require in-person assistance, you can visit one of the many distributors located throughout North America. Many of the dealers can show you how some of the specific controls, functions, and technology work.

Rent a Front Loader from Us

McNeilus trucks have been in our inventory for many years, and our staff is more than familiar with operation basics for the Contender series. Your operators may have questions about a McNeilus Contender Front Loader Garbage Truck rental if they have never operated this make and model before. Please feel free to contact us during business hours; we are more than happy to help.

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