Recycling News

Tips for Battery Recycling

What do you do with those AA and D batteries once they run out of juice? Most people just toss them in the garbage, completely unaware that they’re recyclable regardless of the remaining power. Find out how to recycle your dead or close-to-dying batteries the right and environment-friendly way. Battery Usage Statistics According to the Environmental Protection…
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What Is Next for the World of Waste, Recycling, and Organics?

It’s no secret that the waste industry has a bigger influence on the environment than most other sectors. Of course, reducing carbon footprint is everyone’s responsibility, but those in the waste management niche have an obligation to explore new ways of processing garbage and implementing new recycling initiatives. What are some of these initiatives that warrant exploration…
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Ways to Improve Recycling

The origin of recycling can be traced back to the days of World War II. Despite going on for nearly eight decades, there are still significant deficiencies in the process that need to be addressed. Too many people are still disposing of recyclable items in the waste bin. Likewise, too many businesses have yet to adopt sustainability…
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Ways to Avoid Recycling Contamination

Recycling contamination is a serious issue that generally doesn’t receive enough attention from the public, or even within the recycling/waste industry itself. Contamination issues usually begin in the household when non-recyclable materials end up in the recycle bin with the recyclable goods. Often, this ends up degrading the recyclables. The first step in combating this problem is…
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3 Common Recycling Myths

We all want to contribute to a greener Earth and minimize our carbon footprint. Recycling is where it starts; after all, it takes little effort to separate reusable waste from the waste products that belong in a landfill. With recycling comes an assortment of myths and half-truths that can be easily set right. We discuss some of…
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Why Recycling Plastic Is So Important

Most households and companies know to recycle for the obvious reason that it’s good for the environment. Some items are clearly recyclable, such as aluminum soda cans and cardboard cereal boxes. However, others are less so and end up in the garbage bin when they have a place in the recycle container. One such item is plastic.…
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