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How to Operate a Wittke Starlight Front Loader Garbage Truck

Just because you learned how to operate a garbage truck doesn’t mean you know how to operate them all. Unlike a civilian car, garbage truck controls can differ drastically between models and especially between truck manufacturers. The controls for a Starlight front-loader may be different than other garbage trucks you have operated. Get all the resources you need to operate this truck efficiently and safely.

Refer to the Wittke Starlight User Manual

If your operators have any questions, always point them to the manual for reference. The official Wittke Starlight front loader manual contains comprehensive information on operation and maintenance basics, such as:

  • Labrie’s multiplex system
  •  Control panel
  • Joystick controls
  • Positioning the lifting arms
  • Collecting refuse
  • Packing refuse
  • Unloading refuse
  • Shut-down procedure

Keep the hardcopy in the cabin of the truck so operators can quickly reference it.

Additional Operating Assistance for the Wittke Starlight Front Loader

The manufacturer also provides assistance via multiple media formats. Aside from the manual, you can also visit LaBrie’s official YouTube channel. There, you will find short tutorial videos on operation fundamentals and troubleshooting. This includes, for example, how-to videos on adjusting the automizer right-hand cushion, or operating the Alley Gator switch interlocks.

Don’t forget that you can always contact LaBrie directly. The company’s service representatives are just as reliable as its products. The manufacturer also has distributors throughout North America if you need in-person assistance. Check out the LaBrie dealer locations to see if there is one near you.

We Can Assist You

If you still have questions, we are another source of assistance. LaBrie is one of our long-time partners and a trusted manufacturer in the industry. Their trucks have been in our inventory for nearly as long as we have been in business. After renting a front-loader garbage truck from us, you can reach out to us for operation-related questions. We are familiar with the brand’s specific controls and technology and can help you in these areas.

Call Big Truck Rental if you require a Wittke Starlight front loader garbage truck rental, whether on a short- or long-term basis. Learning the controls of a new-model garbage truck can be a bit of a learning curve even for seasoned operators. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions regarding operation, troubleshooting, or general maintenance.

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