Short-Term Garbage Truck Rental Program Detail

Short-Term Garbage Truck Rental Plans

Big Truck Rental is your flexible resource for keeping a strong, well-maintained fleet of garbage trucks on the road at all times. While conserving capital resources, you can still THINK BIG by accepting new contracts, picking up seasonal routes, keeping up the pace while trucks are being serviced, and operating with no downtime while waiting for new trucks to arrive. Over the past decade, short-term garbage truck rental programs have served a valuable need for municipalities and independent haulers to maximize core efficiencies and reduce crises within their waste removal businesses.

Why Choose a Short-Term Garbage Truck Rental?

Looking for a garbage truck for between 1 to 6 months? Our short-term garbage truck rental plans support your needs for:

Ultimately, the chief reason haulers rent from us in the short-term is to conserve cash flow and improve the flexibility of their fleets. The rental rates are surprisingly reasonable for access to the latest garbage truck makes and models — delivered route-ready, right to your doorstep. Hefty, surprise maintenance costs are no longer a concern when your well-maintained back-up fleet from Big Truck Rental is standing by.

Short-Term Garbage Truck Rental with a Front Loader Garbage Truck
First class and on time.
- Employee of a nationwide waste management brand.

Short-Term Garbage Truck Rental Plans Include Reliable, Top-of-the-line Vehicles

Big Truck Rental provides flexible, supportive, and reliable out-of-the box solutions that are tailored to fit your unique requirements. As your “any time, any way” truck solution, our short-term garbage truck rental plans feature a broad selection of late-model refuse trucks, including:

  • Front loaders with Mack and Peterbilt chassis / McNeilus and Heil bodies
  • Rear loaders with Freightliner / Peterbilt chassis / McNeilus and Durapack bodies
  • Side loaders with Peterbilt and Mack chassis / McNeilus and Heil bodies
  • Roll-offs with Freightliner, Peterbilt, and Mack chassis / Galbreath body
  • Vacuum trucks with Freightliner chassis / 11 yard Vac-Con single engine machine

On average, our vehicles are 24 months old at most. Short-term renters are responsible for routine maintenance tasks like safety inspections, lubrication of all components, oil and filter changes every 300 hours, preventative maintenance at 150 and 300 hours, fuel and oil checks before each shift, and weekly cooling, tire pressure, and battery level checks. We take care of all the expensive maintenance for you.

Short-Term Garbage Truck Renting is Fast and Easy with Big Truck Rental!

At Big Truck Rental, our goal is to provide easy and painless short-term garbage truck renting solutions. With more than 30 dealers scattered across North America, we can get you the trucks you need within 48 hours in most cases. Should you need your vehicle longer than the stated time, no problem! We can simply extend your term or tell you more about our long-term and rent-to-own programs that may better suit your needs. Get a quote or contact us for more details on our garbage truck rental programs.

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