Short-Term Garbage Truck Rental New Growth Opportunities

Asset setbacks happen to the best of us, but you can quickly modernize your fleet to take advantage of new growth opportunities with one of Big Truck Rental’s short-term contracts. With short-term garbage truck rental, new growth opportunities will never pass you by, as you can vastly expand your fleet within 48 hours, without sucking up your capital reserves.

Our flexible one to six-month plans let you grow holistically, allocating your cash reserves strategically and avoiding common pitfalls. Far too often, waste haulers find themselves trapped in long-term rental plans or stuck paying interest on new truck purchases that they no longer need when a short-term contract ends. We give you the flexibility you need to seize new opportunities and keep business humming along, without overextending yourself or jeopardizing long-term security.

Should You Take That Short Bid?

Short bids come up all the time for waste haulers, whether you’re a municipality, a large company, or an independent firm. The prospective partner may be reluctant about entering into a long-term contract with an unknown provider, having been burned by poor service by another provider in the past or simply hoping to keep prices competitively low. You may see bids arise due to sudden natural disasters. Bids may come up to accommodate seasonal or holiday increases.

Are you tired of passing over these project bids? Maybe you have new truck purchases pending that have not been delivered yet or you are weighing the decision to purchase new vehicles. New vehicle purchases are significant long-term investments with an average lifespan of seven to 10 years. You may be reluctant to expand the size of your fleet to service a short-term contract that may or may not pay off. It’s a gamble. But you don’t have to worry about taking the risk if you can expand or contract your fleet at a moment’s notice.

With Short-Term Garbage Truck Rental, New Growth Opportunities Increase

There are countless benefits of short-term garbage truck rental when you’re looking to grow:

  • Get reliable garbage trucks in less than two days. North American waste haulers – whether it be independent firms, large organizations, or municipalities – can all benefit from short-term garbage truck rental. Your growth opportunities will never again be limited by how many route-ready trucks you have in stock because we can send a well-maintained fleet your way within 48 hours.
  • Take advantage of seasonal or storm relief work. Seasonal and disaster relief work can be very lucrative, but they are also expensive bids to undertake if you don’t have the capacity to service these short-term routes. Big Truck Rental puts the equipment in your backyard to seize the moment. Simply send the trucks back when you’re done.
  • Never again worry about expensive maintenance. We take care of all the big, costly maintenance tasks, so you can sign up for one, two, three, four, five, or six-month contracts with confidence that you’ll be able to fulfill your contractual obligations, no matter what happens on your day-to-day runs. Our vehicles are 48 months old on average, with no more than 50 hours of use per week, oil and filter changes every 300 hours, preventative maintenance overhauls every 150 and 300 hours, weekly cooling system/battery/tire checks, daily fuel/oil/water checks, and full safety inspections / parts lubrication before every new rental contract begins.
  • Buy time while waiting for new trucks to come in. New garbage truck purchase delayed? Big Truck Rental’s flexible month-to-month contract terms let you grow or shrink your fleet to adapt to changing conditions. We’ve got a wide range of top-of-the-line models (such as Peterbilt, Mack, Freightliner, Heil, McNeilus, Durapack, or Galbreath) available in rear-loaders, front-loaders, side-loaders, or roll-offs.
  • Maintain a versatile fleet ready for any new growth opportunity that arises. Unlike new purchases, rental agreements let you move fluidly between type of vehicle, as your new growth opportunities dictate. Maximize and expand routes with a rental fleet before you make any major equipment purchases.

A month-to-month arrangement suits many customers during high-growth periods, but should your contracts get extended for the long-term, you can simply switch to our long-term rental or rent-to-own programs.

Big Truck Rental is a Name You Can Trust

Since 2002, Big Truck Rental has been the US and Canada’s “Anytime, Anywhere” short-term garbage truck rental solution. We enable you to THINK BIG and achieve fast growth by offering vehicles for less than six months, so you can pick up emergency contracts and smaller bids with the potential to turn into long-term contracts. Get a quote on short-term garbage truck rental new growth opportunities or contact us to kick your growth into high gear.