Garbage Truck Rental for Storm Cleanups

Emergencies and natural disasters account for a portion of the garbage truck rental business. Storms moving through town with heavy rain, hail, and high winds can cause damage from flooding, fallen tree limbs, fire, or flying debris. The task of finding enough collection vehicles in the aftermath of such a disaster can be challenging. Over the past few years, rentals have risen steadily as more people recognize the convenience of hauling refuse away quickly and efficiently with rental service. Big Truck Rental supplies the U.S. and Canada with long and short-term rental garbage trucks for storm cleanups. We offer BIG selection coupled with BIG support.
Hurricanes drive need for greater flexibility for waste collectors

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey produced an estimated 8 million cubic yards of trash – enough furniture, drywall, flooring, lumber, clothing, toys, and appliances to fill the Texans stadium to the brim twice over! Losses from more than 200,000 damaged homes piled up along the curbs, waiting to be hauled away. In some cases, one house produced enough debris to fill up an entire garbage truck. Soggy debris can become a haven for mold and critters or become dangerous projectiles should another storm sweep through. As crews battled the mess from Harvey, Hurricane Irma destroyed Florida the following week, increasing the immediate demand for ready-to-go garbage trucks to clear up the chaos.

To avoid piles sitting for weeks or even months, many city officials look to instant garbage truck rental for storm cleanups to clear the way.

Short term garbage truck rental options

Big Truck Rental offers many different options for short term garbage truck rental, including:

  • Roll-off trucks: Roll dumpsters on and off their chassis with the flexibility you need for flatbeds, dump trucks with extendable tails, tank trucks, and a wide variety of container sizes. Collect refuse, heavy items, scrap debris, and a wide range of materials. The Mack GU713 and Freightliner 114SD chassis offer powerful and durable capacity with excellent fuel economy, premium seating, and intuitive controls. Galbreath U5-OR-174 roll-offs, which offer advanced cable hoist systems with safety features and weight distribution.
  • Front loaders: Take care of business with hydraulic forklifts that empty into rear hoppers, where refuse is compacted by hydraulic packers. When you have a large amount of waste to collect and multiple stops, the 40 cubic yard capacity of a modern front loader helps get the job done. We rent out Mack and Peterbilt chassis, along with Heil (Half/Pack), McNeilus (Atlantic Front Loader), and Labrie (Wittke Starlight) front loaders that maximize payloads, despite low body weight.
  • Side loaders: Residential neighborhood storm cleanups may require the use of a side loader, which are generally quieter and more adept at tight turns than the larger cleanup vehicles. Using a robotic arm, the side loader can be retrofitted with cart tippers to become semi-automated when necessary. Choose from Heil, McNeilus, and Labrie, along with top-of-the-line late model Macks or Peterbilts.
  • Rear loaders: Our durable, reliable, and efficient rear loaders with Freightliner or Peterbilt chassis and Heil or McNeilus bodies allow waste to be collected by hand or automatically emptied into the rear of the vehicle before shoveling and compacting. We offer cart-tippers and reeving cylinders for faster loading.

Benefits of storm cleanup garbage truck rental

Compared to purchasing waste collection vehicles, a storm cleanup garbage truck rental will:

  • Let you temporarily expand your fleet, without capital investment or long-term maintenance hassle.
  • Remove waste piled up from a sudden weather-related emergency.
  • Immediately access waste collection vehicles with locked-in pricing that won’t fluctuate based on demand.
  • Offer you the chance to test-drive the latest technology.
  • Hoist larger waste receptacles than you’ve needed in the past.
  • Pick up difficult waste, such as drywall, flooring, cabinets, roof structures, appliances, and more.
  • Bypass the frustration of going to dealer after dealer who are out of stock on everything when disaster strikes.

Contact us for immediate need garbage truck rentals

Big Truck Rental’s immediate need garbage truck rentals can be route-ready in as little as 48 hours. Trucks in our fleet are less than two years old on average. All vehicles are DOT-certified with extended chassis OEM warranties. With competitive pricing , it’s easy to increase your fleet in response to a major storm. When you’re done, you can simply return the equipment back to us – or you may choose to expand your routes and continue running a larger fleet. Contact us before the storm hits to mobilize – or even in the aftermath of a natural disaster – for prompt, courteous customer service and immediate solutions.

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