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Garbage Truck Rental for Seasonal Demands

Big Truck Rental is one of North America’s leading sources of garbage truck rental for seasonal demands and short-term rental. We understand that surges in demand are a major source of headaches for refuse collectors. It’s not always so easy to run out and buy the latest model vehicle from a dealer when you need it immediately. Then there is the trouble of having to maintain this vehicle over its lifespan. Whether autumn leaves and Christmas wrap, or summer parties and seasonal flooding, you may find yourself needing more route-ready vehicles than you have on hand. We are happy to accommodate your needs for a week, a month, or for however long you need the increased capacity.

  • Galbreath 60,000 lb. Standard Outside Rail Hoist with Auto Tarping System
  • Conventional Cab Freightliner, Peterbilt, and Mack Chassis
  • 20,000 lb. Front Axle and 46,000 lb. Rear Axles with 20,000 lb. Steerable Drop Axle
  • Canada
  • Various assortment of body and chassis
  • Typically equipment with 60,000 lb. Hoists and Auto Tarper
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Common Reasons To Consider Seasonal Garbage Truck Rental

Some common reasons for seasonal fluctuations in garbage truck demand include:

  • Yard waste – According to estimates from the EPA, 14.2 million tons of yard waste are disposed of each year in the U.S. By weight, yard waste (including grass, leaves, and tree/brush trimmings) is the third largest component of municipal solid waste, following paper products and food waste. While more and more people are composting and the amount of yard waste has gone down by 50 percent over the last two decades, fall and spring continue to see increases in demand for waste trucks equipped to handle the additional disposal needs.
  • Halloween holiday – Some people wear a costume once and trash it. Then there’s all the candy wrappers, old Halloween decorations, and holiday party refuse. The pumpkins alone contribute more than 254 million tons of
    waste to landfills come November 1st!
  • Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays – American households generate roughly 25% more waste during the period
    between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. The 1 million extra tons is comprised of: holiday food leftovers; byproducts from fast food consumed while traveling; gift wrapping paper and packaging; old holiday decorations; old model cell phones, laptops, and appliances; and Christmas trees.
  • Winter food packaging – During the winter months, communities tend to eat more canned and frozen food than
    fresh, which increases the amount of food packaging containers thrown away this time of year.
  • Construction – Waste collection demands can surge as high as 70% due to home-building and construction
    season spikes. From wood and metal waste, to concrete and cardboard, April through first freeze can be a particularly busy time for refuse collectors in zones that see cold, blustery winters. For many American
    households, spring and summer months lead to spring cleaning, gardening and landscaping, home repairs, and renovations – driving the need for hazardous material collection and additional trucks in general.

Seasonal garbage truck rental alleviates the need to invest in and maintain a huge fleet, with some vehicles sitting idle during lower-volume periods. More trucks on the road will allow you to streamline your operations, without drivers having to double back over their routes. Maximize your collections and profits when the opportunities are greatest. Keep up with public and private expectations by mobilizing the appropriate response in a short amount of time.

Short Term Garbage Truck Rental Options

Depending on the season, your operations may require:

Big Truck Rental’s short term garbage truck rental includes the latest makes and models, offering you the chance to test-drive modern technology without buying it. Choose from chassis by Mack, Freightliner, and Peterbilt, with bodies made by Heil, McNeilus, Labrie, and Galbreath. We’ve carefully selected our fleet based on comfort and efficiency to keep your drivers happy and your fuel costs low. We’ll save you time and money with faster loading, greater capacity equipment. On average, our garbage trucks are less than 30 months old, maintained to manufacturer specifications.

Big Truck Rental Serves Your Immediate Need for Garbage Truck Rentals

Big Truck Rental specializes in immediate need garbage truck rentals. Our huge selection of inventory can be delivered from a number of states in less than a week, often within 48 hours. Even purchasing new vehicles may result in a nine-month wait, so why not rent our trucks while you wait for your shipments to trickle in? Big Truck Rental offers you a flexible solution with minimal upfront cost and paperwork so you can keep up with seasonal fluctuations.