Garbage Truck Rental for Late Delivery of New Trucks

How long does it take to order a brand-new garbage truck? We typically place our orders for the upcoming year before the start of summer. In other words: you can expect the process to take a good six months, at minimum. With all the custom options and variables that go into the manufacturing top-of-the-line chasses and bodies, it’s not uncommon for delays to arise that leave companies without the trucks they need. Ordering a year ahead of time is the ideal solution, but it’s not always feasible.

When you need to bridge the gap between an order of vehicles and contracts that are ongoing now, it’s best to work with a garbage truck rental company with a solid track record of prompt, on-time deliveries and brand-new vehicles maintained to the highest standards. Big Truck Rental has done just that since 2002. With offices in Tampa, FL and Markham, ON, there is nowhere in Canada or America we can’t reach within three days. Sign up for one to six months on our short-term contracts or ask about our extended term and rent-to-own contracts. We know what it takes to keep up in a fast-paced industry and weather the unexpected storms that arise.

Instant garbage truck rental bridges the gap for late deliveries of new trucks

News that your brand-new fleet of trash trucks isn’t ready on-time can be devastating. You may have contracts lined up that depend upon it. You may have given your word that you’ll be deadline-ready. The new trucks may be the key to keeping your business viable as old trucks breakdown or your routes expand. Having access to an instant garbage truck rental puts your mind at ease, no matter what’s happening at the dealership.

There are many reasons why your brand-new garbage trucks may be delayed:

  • Your business requires special customization.
  • There are huge demands for the new model vehicles you’re eyeing.
  • Steel plant explosions, earthquakes, or other natural disasters may hit a supplier.
  • Recalls on air bags, brake components, or other parts could trip your trucks up further.
  • Your new trucks are being transported from across the country and you’re waiting on flatbeds and drivers.
  • The chassis came from the manufacturer later than expected, and all slots at the body manufacturer were full.

Big Truck garbage truck rentals give you improved flexibility

Top-of-the-line garbage truck rentals in our fleet include:

  •  Front Loaders (McNeilus, Heil, Peterbilt)
  • Rear Loaders (Heil, McNeilus, Freightliner, Peterbilt)
  • Side Loaders (McNeilus, Heil, Mack, Peterbilt)
  • Roll-Offs (Peterbilt, Mack, Freightliner, Galbreath)

Our trucks are all less than 30 months old, maintained to manufacturer specifications. With offices in Tampa, Florida and Markham, Ontario, not to mention many trucks stationed across the country, Big Truck Rental is ready to dispatch our fleet anywhere in America or Canada for short term needs. In most cases, we have a fleet of new vehicles to you within 72 hours of signing a contract with us. A short-term garbage rental can be for as little as a month or up to six months.

Get started with your garbage truck rental

Contact Big Truck Rental if you want to THINK BIG and see what a difference a garbage truck rental contract can make to your day-to-day operations. In this dog-eat-dog industry, the businesses that survive are the ones with contingency plans for the unexpected. Whether you need a short-term garbage truck rental immediately or you anticipate a future need, Big Truck Rental can be your on-call solution.