Long-Term Garbage Truck Rental Service

What Is My Truck’s Carbon Footprint?

In recent times, our carbon footprint has become more and more important. As such, there has been a significant increase in demand for electric vehicles, especially passenger vehicles. However, the demand for electric garbage trucks is also growing. Garbage trucks are some of the biggest pollutants on the road today, but how bad is the impact? This…
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What Type of Garbage Truck Is Recommended for a Long-term Rental Plan?

Our long-term garbage truck rental plans are a minimum of six months. We believe this is about the time it takes for waste haul companies to assess the viability of their rental and whether a purchase is in order. Find out which truck type is ideal for a long-term rental contract. Selecting a Garbage Truck for a…
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What Are the Requirements for a Long-Term Garbage Truck Rental?

At Big Truck Rental, we can usually have the truck you need within 48 hours after all the paperwork has been signed. To expedite the process even further, know the long-term garbage truck rental program qualifications. Big Truck Rental outlines all the eligibility agreements, so there is no confusion on the renter’s end. The Requirements The process…
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How Does a Long-Term Garbage Truck Rental Plan Improve My Business?

As with any industry, the chief goal in the waste hauling sector is two-fold: increasing profit margins and creating a more robust experience for the customers and/or community it serves. One way for waste refuse companies to satisfy these aims is by investing in a long-term garbage truck rental plan for business improvement. Learn how long-term contracts…
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What Are the Advantages of a Long-Term Garbage Truck Rental Plan?

A flexible long-term rental plan is key to maintaining efficient daily operations. Learn how partnering with Big Truck Rental can help your company reach short and long-term goals. Long-term garbage truck rental plan advantages include: Reduce unplanned downtime Provide flat, predictable maintenance costs vs unpredictable costs Retire older, more problematic trucks that take up shop space and…
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What is the Contract Length of a Long-Term Garbage Truck Rental Plan?

An increasing number of waste hauling services have a fleet consisting entirely or partially of rentals. This allows companies to access the latest in refuse truck technology and ergonomics. How long is a long-term garbage truck rental contract length? Are renters confined to a fixed term-length? The Length of Our Long-Term Rental Agreement Our long-term contracts are…
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Long-Term Garbage Truck Rental Maintenance Savings

Handling Maintenance Through Long Term Rentals and Long Term Savings

Meeting budgets is one of the biggest challenges all companies face.  One of the most unpredictable costs of owning a garbage truck, is unforeseen maintenance expenditures. Renting a garbage truck as a long-term strategy can remove this unpredictable cost from the equation, leaving you with only the basic maintenance processes. Maintenance Expenses With the ever increasing amount…
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