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What Are the Requirements for a Long-Term Garbage Truck Rental?

At Big Truck Rental, we can usually have the truck you need within 48 hours after all the paperwork has been signed. To expedite the process even further, know the long-term garbage truck rental program qualifications. Big Truck Rental outlines all the eligibility agreements, so there is no confusion on the renter’s end.

The Requirements

The process begins with a rental application. Be sure to complete it in its entirety. Collect and have the information you need; this includes information on partnering entities, guarantors, and principles. This also includes basic contact information, such as business phone, personal mobile phone, email, and mailing and shipping address. Applications can be submitted in person to the nearest office, or it can be submitted online or via fax.

Next, read the terms and conditions. Please take the time to thoroughly read the document page by page. It outlines the agreement between you and Big Truck Rental. It also outlines your responsibility and rights as a renter. Please let us know if there is any part of the terms you don’t fully understand.

In addition, renters will also need a completed copy of the rental agreement with your signature. A $1,500 security deposit is also required. This will be returned once the truck is returned and has undergone an inspection.

Finally, you are responsible for maintenance and upkeep while the truck is in your possession. You must maintain vehicles in accordance with manufacturer recommendations. See our rental documents page for a PDF copy of every truck manual within our inventory.

Insurance Requirements

All renters will need to have insurance with a minimum of $10 million in liability and physical damage coverage. You will need to list Big Truck Rental as “additionally insured” and Big Truck Rental as the “loss payee.”

If the rental is covered by an insurance claim, then the renter will need to submit payment upfront with reimbursement from the at-fault insurance agency. Pre-payment is required prior to the rental truck’s delivery.

Fill Out an Application Today

Our long-term garbage truck rental requirements are straightforward. Our staff is also more than happy to help you if you require additional assistance. We also provide short-term garbage truck agreements if you need a shorter rental period. Whether short- or long-term, all plans are flexible and designed to suit the individual needs of the renter. Contact Big Truck Rental to get started.

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