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What Type of Garbage Truck Is Recommended for a Rent-to-Purchase Plan?

Fleet expansion is an integral part of the waste hauling industry. Companies expand their inventory to stay competitive, secure contracts, and improve on-the-job efficiency. This is where a rent-to-purchase garbage truck plan becomes useful for companies wishing to test out the latest truck models and potentially make a purchase later down the line. We identify the type of garbage trucks for a rent-to-purchase program and why these trucks are popular rentals.

Garbage Truck Styles for Rent-to-Purchase Contracts

There is no specific garbage truck that is most recommended. It comes down to multiple factors, such as your existing inventory, the latest manufacturer model releases, the route type of your general service area, etc. Examining these variables will help companies decide which truck model and type is a suitable investment as a rent-to-purchase acquisition.

Aside from type of garbage truck, there is also manufacturer consideration. Choose from a variety of trusted refuse truck makers at Big Truck Rental. The most popular and recommended garbage truck for rent-to-purchase often comes down to the following models.

Front-Loader Garbage Truck

The automatic front-loader garbage trucks on inventory are designed for heavy-duty commercial applications, such as eating establishments, office buildings, and multi-family housing units.

Rear-Loader Garbage Truck

Rear-loaders are popular options for residential pickups, emergency cleaning, construction sites, etc. The large storage capacity and powerful compaction make this truck type a popular choice for general-purpose use.

Side-Loader Garbage Truck

Side-loaders are designed for household waste collection. The automatic arm makes it efficient to empty residential bins without having to maneuver the truck to the side of the alleyway. This makes the dump-and-go process a huge timesaver.

Roll-Off Garbage Truck

Roll-off trucks tackle heavy-duty waste collection. It efficiently handles commercial bins designed for emergency waste hauling, demolition, and construction scrap disposal. Roll-off trucks provide the ideal solution for various hard-hat industries.

See What’s Available in Our Rent-to-Purchase Inventory

There is no way of knowing for certain whether a garbage truck is worth a purchase until you test it in a real-world application and setting. A rent-to-purchase plan is ideal for this. If the rental meets your needs, then purchase it during or right after the rental period. If not, then let the rental term expire and try out a different model. Give Big Truck Rental a call to get started; we can have the desired rental ready usually in no more than 48 hours.



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