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What Are the Benefits of a Rent-to-Purchase Garbage Truck Plan?

More waste hauling companies are turning to short- and long-term rentals to supplement their existing fleet. This ensures immediate access to the latest garbage truck technology, design, and specs. Another option is a rent-to-purchase contract. What are the rent-to-purchase garbage truck benefits and why are more refuse services gravitating towards this solution as an investment strategy?

Rent-to Purchase Contracts Are Budget-Friendly

Many waste hauling companies want to own their own fleet eventually but may not have the budgetary means to do so at the moment. A rent-to-purchase contract allows companies to rent in the interim. By the time the contract ends, they may have accrued enough revenue and secured enough contracts to invest in a full purchase. A major advantage here is that a portion of the money put towards the rent is applied towards the purchase price.

At Big Truck Rental, we carry both new and used models, which gives our renters even more options. Rent-to-purchase contracts are especially beneficial for startups that can only rent at the moment.

Test Different Garbage Trucks

Different trucks suit different routes. Our inventory includes automatic front-loaders, rear-loaders, side-loaders, and roll-offs. If your fleet is short of any of these, you can begin by renting to test out how these garbage truck styles perform on a particular route.

If a specific truck proves beneficial, then plan for a purchase at any point during the rental phase or after the contract’s end. If not, then proceed with a new rent-to-purchase contract with a different garbage truck type or manufacturer.

Eliminate the Risks Associated with an Upfront Purchase

A garbage truck purchase is inherently risky. A common scenario is one where a company makes a purchase after securing a lengthy city contract. However, after the financially costly purchase, the contract is terminated due to a dispute or other reason. Without the contract, the company may not have the financial resource to make payments on the truck or foot the insurance premiums. You can greatly mitigate this risk with a rent-to-purchase contract.

Learn More About Our Rent-to-Purchase Contracts

A rent-to-purchase garbage truck contract is a sound strategy for startup waste hauling companies and established refuse services alike. Contact Big Truck Rental to inquire about our flexible plans. The rent-to-own garbage truck advantages are many and help companies stay up to date and modernized with the latest garbage truck models.



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