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How Long Does a Rent-to-Purchase Garbage Truck Plan Last?

Many waste hauling companies have an inventory of garbage trucks that consist of a combination of owned and rented vehicles. More companies are looking into rental as a means to expand their fleet and gain access to the latest refuse truck technology. While short– and long-term contracts are viable options at Big Truck Rental, we also have rent-to-purchase options. Our rent-to-purchase garbage truck contract length is flexible and designed to suit your case-specific needs.

How Long is the Contract?

Our rent-to-purchase contract length ranges anywhere from six months to 18 months. This is the ideal solution if you eventually want to own your own fleet but don’t have the budget for purchase at the moment. With a rent-to-purchase contract, you rent the vehicle for the duration period specified in the contract. At any point during the rental period or after the end of the contract, you may choose to buy the vehicle. A portion of the money you put towards the rent will be applied to the purchase price.

When you begin the rental process, you can choose from our expansive inventory, which includes the latest models from trusted manufacturers. This includes all truck styles, such as front-loaders, rear-loaders, side-loaders, and roll-offs. We have both new and used trucks to select from. The full purchase price is established upfront, so you can begin budgeting if a purchase is a possibility down the road.

Our rent-to-purchase garbage truck agreement outlines the provisions of the rental, and we will walk you through the terms and conditions, so there is no confusion.

Is a Rent-to-Purchase Contract for You?

We recommend a rent-to-purchase contract if you need a garbage truck immediately, but you don’t have the financial resource at the moment for a purchase. You rent in the interim and purchase at a later date. Remember, a portion of the rental fee applies towards the purchase. We also recommend this option if you have a lengthy contract with a city but want to play it safe in case the contract falls through. In this case, you can let the contract expire without purchasing the truck.

Learn More About Our Rent-to-Purchase Plans

Our rent-to-purchase garbage truck contracts are flexible and give renters many choices, especially with regards to rental duration. This gives you ample time to budget and decide whether a purchase is the appropriate next step. Contact Big Truck Rental today if you are in need of a garbage truck. Once the logistics are a go, we can have the rental truck ready for you within 48 hours.


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