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What Are the Requirements for a Rent-to-Purchase Plan?

More waste hauling services are gravitating towards truck rentals, at least as an initial step, before committing to a purchase later down the road. A rent-to-purchase at Big Truck Rental is designed to meet the needs of refuse companies choosing to test out the latest garbage trucks before deciding whether a truck’s performance warrants a purchase. To expedite the process, please review below the rent-to-purchase garbage truck requirements.

The Requirements

Check with your insurance to be sure it covers rentals. The coverage will need to include the following:

• A minimum $10 million in liability coverage
• Physical damage coverage
• A notification of cancellation
• Big Truck Rental listed under “Additionally Insured”

You will also need $1,500 ready as a security deposit. The money will be returned when you return the vehicle or may be applied towards a purchase if you choose to buy your rental. The payment may be made in cash, credit card, wire transfer, or cashier’s check.

See our rental page for our full requirements.

Rental Form and Credit Application

As with any rental, you will need to fill out a credit application. You will need to input your basic information, such as business and mobile phone, shipping and mailing address, email, etc. Be sure to fill it out completely; you will also need the information of your partners, principles, and guarantors. Be sure to have all necessary documents on hand.

The other form is a rental contract. Please take the time to read the terms and conditions before signing. The terms outline all pertinent factors regarding the rental agreement, such as warranty, disclaimer, liability, etc. It also outlines the steps and provisions should you choose to proceed with the purchase in the middle or at the end of the rent-to-purchase contract.

Finally, be sure to read the section of the agreement that outlines your responsibility as the renter. You are responsible for all routine maintenance and repairs while the garbage truck is in your possession.

Our Rental Process Is Quick and Efficient

Do you need a rental? Contact Big Truck Rental. We keep our rent-to-purchase garbage truck qualifications simple to make the logistical process minimal on your end. Once all paperwork is processed, we can have the rental truck ready for delivery or pickup within 48 hours.


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