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What Information Does a Waste Hauler Need to Provide for an Instant Garbage Truck Rental?

Your fleet is the lifeblood of your business. A sudden and unexpected breakdown of a vehicle can be detrimental to daily operations. At Big Truck Rental, we can have a rental ready for you, usually within 48 hours. Learn what the on-demand garbage truck rental requirements are to expedite the process on your end. The faster you submit the necessary documents, the quicker we can arrange for a rental pickup or drop-off.

Our requirements are as follows. Most renters already meet the requirements and can submit all the required paperwork and payment within hours or less of contacting Big Truck Rental.

Rental Contract

The first requirement is the rental contract. We keep the contract easy and straightforward without dozens upon dozens of pages that require an attorney to sort through. You just need basic information, such as company name, business email, mobile phone number, and shipping address. The contract can be faxed or scanned and emailed to our office.


Our instant garbage truck rental qualifications include adequate insurance coverage. The coverage needs to include a minimum of $10 million in liability and physical damage to cover the cost of the vehicle. The documents need to have additional information, such as the DOT number, notification of cancellation, and date of expiration.


Payment includes a $1,500 security deposit. This amount will be returned upon the return and satisfactory inspection of the rental truck. Freight charges also apply. Payment can be made via credit card, cashier’s check, or wire transfer. If using a credit card, the card must have pre-authorization for the security of a rental.

Customer Responsibility

This applies after you have acquired the rental truck. As the renter, you are required under contract to perform all maintenance work. Our documents page contains the user manual guides for all garbage trucks in our inventory. Follow the manual; it contains all the information pertaining to lubrication, fluid/oil top-off, etc. The terms and conditions in our contract further outline your maintenance duties.

Acquire an Instant Rental from Big Truck Rental

We keep our immediate garbage truck rental requirements simple to minimize the hassle on the renter’s end. We know your aim is to resume operations without delay, and we keep wait times to an absolute minimum. Contact Big Truck Rental today; you can have a rental garbage truck among your inventory within 48 hours’ time.

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