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How Does a Long-Term Garbage Truck Rental Plan Improve My Business?

As with any industry, the chief goal in the waste hauling sector is two-fold: increasing profit margins and creating a more robust experience for the customers and/or community it serves. One way for waste refuse companies to satisfy these aims is by investing in a long-term garbage truck rental plan for business improvement. Learn how long-term contracts drive down operation costs and improve worker experience. Key advantages include:

  • Enhancing customer service through improved uptime
  • Enhancing driver retention by renting newer vehicles and retiring older ones

Long-Term Contracts Ensure Access to the Latest Truck Models

Just as residential vehicles improve in design and technology with every subsequent model year release, the same can be said of commercial garbage trucks. With long-term contracts, you can return the truck after the term ends and start a new contract with a newer model. You are not confined to the same fleet for 10 to 20 years as is the case with purchasing a garbage truck.

How does this improve your company from a business standpoint? New technology increases uptime. Automatic hydraulic arms may operate at a greater speed compared to prior models. Likewise, new safety technology and remote telematics allow operators to keep tabs on vehicle health and maintenance. This reduces the chances of a breakdown, which can lead to extended downtime.

Stay Competitive

As with any industry, the waste hauling sector is a saturated market, with companies vying for contracts with local cities. What you can offer largely depends on your fleet. With long-term contracts, you can change models at the end of the term to expand your operations. You can, for example, switch to a light or medium-weight model to take on routes with established vehicle weight limits. Likewise, you can transition to a more heavy-duty model for tackling commercial disposal needs.

By having the latest model on inventory, you can advertise your company accordingly. Some models, for instance, use natural gas or other alternative fuel sources. You can use this to market your business as environmentally-friendly. This is an excellent selling point for municipalities investing in green solutions.

Improve Your Business Model with a Long-Term Contract

We offer flexible long-term contract plans from trusted garbage truck manufacturers. You can personalize your own plan with us or select a rent-to-own garbage truck agreement. Our mission is to keep your waste hauling business competitive by giving you speedy access to the latest garbage truck models. Contact Big Truck Rental today for a quote and to learn more.

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