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What Are the Advantages of a Long-Term Garbage Truck Rental Plan?

A flexible long-term rental plan is key to maintaining efficient daily operations. Learn how partnering with Big Truck Rental can help your company reach short and long-term goals. Long-term garbage truck rental plan advantages include:

  • Reduce unplanned downtime
  • Provide flat, predictable maintenance costs vs unpredictable costs
  • Retire older, more problematic trucks that take up shop space and time and allow you to focus on preventative maintenance for a well-running fleet.
  • Support capital preservation

Save on Maintenance Costs

Long-term contracts are typically 18-months in duration and include a manufacturer’s warranty. This covers most maintenance costs with no out of pocket expenses on the renter’s end. By contrast, if you own a garbage truck, you are financially responsible for all repairs and maintenance from the second year of ownership once the one-year warranty expires. As a renter, you are only responsible for the recommended preventative maintenance.

Access the Latest Garbage Truck Models

When you rent, you can retire older models in your fleet. Older garbage trucks spend more time in the repair shop and consume inventory space while being used less. At Big Truck Rental, our inventory consists of the latest models from trusted manufacturers. By “latest,” this also means the newest technology, design, and ergonomics. This translates to faster operation per stop, greater operator comfort, and increased safety on the road.

Preserve Capital

On a typical workday, some percentage of your fleet – including trucks reserved for backup – may be taking up space and not contributing to daily operations. You can bring down your inventory size by selling seldom-used models. You will save money by not having to store and maintain outdated trucks. Backup models can always be rented on an as-needed basis.


Every state has its own regulatory emission standards, which are subject to change as individual municipalities adopt stricter standards. If you own an older garbage truck, it may not meet current regulations. Retrofitting the model to meet guidelines can be costly. When you rent a garbage truck, you operate a recent model, designed with the latest emission standards in mind. You risk losing contracts if your trucks fail to meet federal, state, and city guidelines.

Check Out Our Long-Term Garbage Truck Rental Plans

Choose from a number of our flexible options and rent-to-own agreements. Contact Big Truck Rental today to find out how our long-term contracts can help your waste refuse business expand.

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