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What Type of Garbage Truck Is Recommended for a Long-term Rental Plan?

Our long-term garbage truck rental plans are a minimum of six months. We believe this is about the time it takes for waste haul companies to assess the viability of their rental and whether a purchase is in order. Find out which truck type is ideal for a long-term rental contract.

Selecting a Garbage Truck for a Long-Term Rental

The best garbage truck for long-term rental depends on various tors. Considerations include:

  • The dimension and configuration of the daily route and residential alleyways
  • Whether daily pickups include commercial properties
  • Municipal regulations
  • The inventory of your current fleet

With the multitude of factors at play, we can’t just say an automated front-loader or rear-loader is the best for all applications. You have to make an assessment based on the above considerations.

Let’s examine some of these points more in-depth.

Route and Alleyway Configurations

Does the route include narrow and/or curvy residential alleyways? It may be difficult for some garbage truck models to maneuver through a small alleyway. In this instance, an automated side-loader may be the best type of rental. A side-loader includes a hydraulic arm that picks up the bin from the side, eliminating the need to stop the truck directly behind or in front of the bin.

Commercial Properties

Do pickups also include stores, warehouses, and manufacturing centers? These locations utilize commercial-grade bins, far bulkier and weightier than a residential bin. A roll-off garbage truck may be the best solution in this instance.

Municipal Regulations

City regulations may establish height and weight limits on certain routes and streets. Most garbage truck manufacturers have front-, rear-, and side-loaders available in a more compact and lighter-weight variant. These help you stay within limits of routes that may have an imposed size/weight restriction.

Your Current Fleet

How is your current inventory? Does it lack a certain model, such as a rear-loader? Even if you have one, is it a current model or one that’s nearing a decade-old? With a more recent model comes up-to-date technology and specs. Newer front-loaders, for instance, have what is known as “pack-on-the-go” hydraulics, which enable drivers to operate the hydraulic arm without stopping the truck. This is a huge time-saver.

We Provide Flexible Long-Term Rental Plans

As you can see, the best type of garbage truck for long-term rental plan is dependent on your current fleet strength and area of operation. If you are considering a long-term rental, contact Big Truck Rental. While only you can determine the best truck, we can make suggestions based on the information you provide us.

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