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How to Operate a Wittke SuperDuty Front Loader Garbage Truck

Even seasoned operators require an adjustment period when getting behind the wheel of a new garbage truck for the first time. This is especially true with models featuring advanced technology like the Wittke SuperDuty Front Loader Garbage Truck.

Refer to the Operator’s User Manual

For operating instructions, always turn first to the official user manual. These are the clear and straightforward instructions put out by the vehicle’s manufacturer. You can obtain a digital copy of the Wittke SuperDuty Front Loader manual online. It’s readily available in convenient PDF format that you can hand over to your operators. We also recommend printing a physical copy and storing it in the garbage truck’s cabin for quick reference.

The official manual should be your primary go-to source. It outlines operation guidelines of brand-specific controls, such as the Pack Button and Auto-Packing Mode. Full instructions are also available for:

  • Operating the cab dashboard
  • Joystick control
  • In-cab packer control station
  • And more

The manual is also where you turn to for daily inspection protocols, start/shut down instructions, and basic safety guidelines.

Go Straight to the Source

Should you have further operating and troubleshooting-related questions, you can always turn to Labrie Technical Support directly. The manufacturer has excellent customer service, which is one of the reasons we include this garbage truck manufacturer in our inventory. Aside from speaking with a representative, you can also visit its site for pertinent information, such as the Wittke SuperDuty’s specifications and features.

You can contact Labrie directly at the company’s offices located in the U.S. and Canada. Furthermore, the manufacturer has distributor networks located throughout the North American territories. Dealers may be able to provide in-person operating assistance.

We Have Wittke Front Loaders Waiting in Our Inventory

Aside from the manual and contacting Labrie directly, you have a third source of assistance: Big Truck Rental. The Wittke front loader has been a main staple in our garbage truck rental fleet for many years now, and our staff is familiar with the many controls and functions. With a  Front Loader garbage truck rental, you can also get in touch with us for operation-related inquiries. We are here to help with all your needs during the course of your rental. Contact us today to get started!

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