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What Are the Advantages of a Heil PT 1000 Residential Rear Loader Garbage Truck?

Highly regarded in the industry, the Heil PT 1000 rear loader garbage truck is designed for maximum performance. Increase productivity, reduce downtime, and cut down on maintenance with a Heil residential rear loader garbage truck rental from Big Truck Rental.

Increase Route Efficiency

The Heil PT 1000 allows you to complete routes in record time with its 15-second cycle time and reload time under six seconds.

While mainly designed for residential collections, it can also be used for commercial pickups. The truck can handle bulky and dense waste thanks to its compaction force of 2750 psi per square inch.

The frame’s one-piece body sidewall is easy to clean, significantly reducing maintenance time.

Save Money

The Heil PT 1000 is also one of the most affordable refuse trucks in its segment. It fits within most company and city budgets. It’s especially affordable at Big Truck Rental with our flexible rent-to-purchase plans. In addition, the Heil residential rear loader also qualifies for a Federal Excise Tax exemption.

You also save money on maintenance; the truck features a patented Service Smart™ design consisting of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. This extends the life of sensitive parts and lowers total maintenance costs over the truck’s lifecycle.

That’s not all; the truck’s sidewall features a smooth surface, making it the perfect space for branding and other relevant advertising to get your company name out there. Promote your service or other local businesses to support the greater community.

Test the Heil PT 1000 Today

Test for yourself how efficient this rear loader is at handling residential collections. We trust the Heil brand and are confident you will be too after a trial run. Contact us at Big Truck Rental to learn more. We have various short-term and long-term Heil residential garbage truck rental plans that suit your everchanging and diverse needs.

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