Garbage Truck Rental for Company Acquisitions

Congratulations on your new acquisition! You undoubtedly have much work ahead of you to integrate the new resources into your existing infrastructure. The waste industry is filled with exciting opportunities for mergers and acquisitions, but the ability to remain flexible and operational amid increasing demands is paramount for these brave companies on the verge of expansion. Big Truck Rental is here to help businesses and municipalities ramp up capabilities within a matter of days, rather than months, with our popular rent-to-purchase program.

Reasons Rent-To-Purchase Garbage Trucks Are Optimal for Company Acquisitions

Why rent-to-purchase, you ask? In short: It’s FAST. Buying a new trash truck can take months, if not a year, for the fully customized jobs. Your demands are for today. Why wait? We can have new garbage trucks delivered almost anywhere in America or Canada within a matter of a few days!
In addition to our fast service, we also can assist you in:

  • Upgrading to newer vehicles: If you find yourself inheriting an aging fleet of vehicles that may not be up to your standards, you might consider a rent-to-purchase agreement to maintain consistent service without delay.
  • Adding fleet diversity: You may find yourself inheriting one type of truck, but needing another type of truck; Big Truck Rental offers rear, front, and side-loaders, as well as roll-offs, so you can maintain the precise fleet required by your specialized routes.
  • Planning for the unexpected: Having stand-by options for your increased capacity is yet another reason you may consider renting garbage trucks; should one or more of your trucks break down during a run, service will continue smoothly with your well-maintained, top-of-the-line hauler from Big Truck Rental.

What Happens When A Waste Management Firm Buys Another Company?

Consider the case of Meridien Waste in October 2018. They acquired Partner Disposal of Jacksonville, Florida, adding two facilities to their setup, not to mention service for 300 new commercial customers and 3,500 new residential customers. Less than two months prior, they acquired Bob’s Refuse Service, New River Container, and Resource Management Group companies located in the Blacksburg/Christiansburg, Virginia marketplace, adding 1,650 commercial customers and 550 new residential customers.
In the weeks after an acquisition like the above, the acquiring company will undoubtedly look further into the status of the garbage trucks they’re inheriting. Having new, efficient garbage trucks will be one of the biggest factors in their performance during the transition.

Flexible Short and Long-Term Contracts with Big Truck Rental

Big Truck Rental offers coast-to-coast service within North America, with two offices based in Markham, ON and Tampa, FL. Since 2002, we’ve been the waste industry’s “Any Time, Any Way” truck solution. Most of our clients like the rent-to-purchase agreement for the time and money it saves them in the long-run. However, we also do short-term rentals for one to six months and long-term rentals that can last the duration of your subcontracts or for years until you’re ready to move on. Our contract terms are flexible, simple, and hassle-free. Call us today to learn more about garbage truck rental for company acquisitions.