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Grapple Garbage Truck Manufacturers

Grapple garbage trucks enable waste hauling companies to lift and transport almost any kind of refuse, including tree trunks, construction materials, and post-disaster debris.

Getting the most value from these versatile vehicles is easier when you know a little bit about the major grapple garbage truck manufacturers. Below we take a look at some of the biggest names in the business.

First, we’ll focus on Petersen and why we here at Big Truck Rental have chosen to partner with this industry-leading manufacturer known for its world-class waste hauling vehicles.


Big Truck Rental proudly works with Petersen to provide top-condition, late-model grapple trucks for rent on flexible long- and short-term agreements. Here’s why:

  • Petersen’s relationship with Freightliner – Petersen builds its grapple trucks on Freightliner’s medium-duty Business Class M2 chassis, which is widely known for its strength, durability, and fuel economy.
  • Petersen provides versatile solutions to the waste hauling industry – the company builds its grapple trucks in nine separate configurations to match any need.
  • Petersen has been a pioneer in grapple arm design and manufacture since the 1950s – giving it more than 70 years of experience in meeting its customers’ needs.


Hino is a division of Toyota Motors, which has been in business since 1937. The company’s grapple garbage trucks are built on its medium-duty 338 design, which has a 260 hp engine. Hino’s production facilities are located in both Japan and the US.


Ford’s F-750 model serves as the foundation for most of its grapple garbage trucks. This design features an available 7.3 L V-8 engine and is available in both regular and straight frame configurations.


Mack’s Granite platform is used as the foundation for most of its grapple garbage trucks. Mack was purchased by the Swedish automaker Volvo in the year 2000. But it continues to manufacture vehicles in America at its Macungie, PA facility.

International Harvester

Though the manufacturer is now defunct, International Harvester (a.k.a. Navistar) trucks were used for grapple vehicles built during the early 2000s. Some of these units are occasionally put up for sale, usually with extremely high miles and hours of usage.

Why Buy When You Can Rent a Grapple Truck from Us?

When you need grapple garbage trucks for rental, think Big Truck Rental. Enjoy all the benefits of top-quality refuse removal vehicles along with the convenience and flexibility of our easy terms. Renting your next truck is a great way to improve the effectiveness of your fleet while maximizing your profits.

To learn more about our Petersen grapple truck rentals for your next large volume project, contact Big Truck Rental today.

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