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How Much Does a New Grapple Garbage Truck Cost?

The cost of a new grapple garbage truck can range from around $250,000 to over half a million. Factors that play into the price tag include:

  • Manufacturer – trucks built by industry leaders like Petersen have a reputation for power and reliability, a factor that affects the sticker price.
  • Features – including the grappling arm’s lifting capacity, its ease of operation, and safety or convenience features such as rear-facing cameras or in-cab controls.
  • Reputation – trucks that receive favorable online reviews often command a higher cost.

A grapple garbage truck uses a powerful boom extension with pincers at the end to grasp heavy or bulky objects. This feature allows it to collect and deposit waste materials that are too large or oddly shaped for human beings to handle alone.

Adding grapple garbage trucks to your fleet will not only make things safer for your employees, it can also help you to win new clients. So why don’t more waste hauling companies use these handy vehicles? Often the answer comes down to price.

How to Add a New Grapple Garbage Truck to Your Fleet Without the Huge Expense

The cost of buying a new grapple garbage truck may seem pretty high, especially if you’re dealing with budgetary constraints or only need one of these vehicles occasionally. If that sounds like your situation, then you may want to consider our flexible grapple truck rental program for private companies and municipal waste management departments. Here’s why:

  • To free you from long-term commitment – our flexible short-term rental agreements let you rent a grapple truck for only as long as you need it. You don’t have to pay good money for downtime.
  • To spare you from any worries about upkeep – we are responsible for keeping your truck in top condition, so you’ll never be responsible for repairs or upgrades, only basic preventative maintenance.
  • To have access to top-quality vehicles – all of our grapple garbage trucks are built by leading manufacturers like Petersen and Freightliner, who are known for their best-in-class vehicles and exceptional customer support.

Our grapple garbage trucks to rent are in top condition at incredibly affordable prices – letting you get the functionality you need while making the most of your capital investment. Contact Big Truck Rental today to learn more.

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