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What are the Advantages of a Peterson TL3 Grapple Truck?

From superior load capacity to excellent maneuverability, the world-class Petersen TL3 grapple truck offers many key advantages to waste hauling contractors. If you’re considering adding a Petersen TL3 to your fleet, contact Big Truck Rental to learn about our flexible and affordable short- and long-term rental agreements.

Here are some of the many reasons that your waste removal business can’t go wrong by renting the outstanding Petersen TL3 grapple garbage truck.

Advantages of a Petersen TL3 Lightning Loader® Grapple Truck

The folks at Petersen went all out when they designed their legendary TL3 Lightning Loader®. Here’s what makes this fine piece of machinery the leading name in the grapple truck industry:

  • Superior load capacity – the TL3 is rated at 7100 pounds within a 10 foot radius and 3200 pounds in a 20 foot radius. The scissor hoist can lift up to 23 tons.
  • Outstanding stability – thanks to the independently controlled outriggers on both sides of the truck, which keep the vehicle stable in almost any type of terrain.
  • Ease of control – the TL3 has manual controls for both the loader and outriggers on each side of the truck. Dual joysticks and a stationary top mount platform are available options.
  • Protection from mishaps – Peterson designed the TL3 with an enclosed hose recoil system that keeps hoses safe from debris and potential obstructions.
  • Boom-up alarm – sounds a warning noise and flashes a red light when the boom is above the legal travel height. This feature has been standard equipment on the Petersen TL3 for more than 10 years.
  • Excellent maneuverability – thanks to the TL3’s compact wheelbase and tight turning radius. Allows the operator to get in and out of environments that other trucks simply can’t reach.
  • Rugged, powerful single-cylinder bucket – allows for ultra-strong bite force and keeps the two sides of the bucket working together as one unit.

Simple, Reliable, and Easy to Maintain

Fifty years ago, Petersen engineers developed the company’s famous kingpost and rotator design. It remains a key part of every grapple truck built by the company in the decades since. Here’s why:

  • Prolonged service life – the unique design of the TL3’s torque arm enables the gearbox to float laterally, preventing excessive strain while operating the boom arm.
  • Stress-relieved headstress relieving is an advanced industrial technique that promotes extended service life for critical components.
  • Reduced maintenance requirements – thanks to the sealed planetary gearbox and Nylatron bushings that Petersen uses in its manufacturing processes. Check out the official Petersen TL3 manual for more details.

When you consider all the advantages, it’s easy to see why choosing a Petersen TL3 grapple truck for rent is a great way to improve your company’s competitive edge. Plus, when you do business with us here at Big Truck Rental, you enjoy full access to the vehicles you need without the excess costs and maintenance hassles that come with ownership.

Interested in garbage trucks for rental? We provide affordable rental options for the Petersen TL3 and many other late-model, industry-leading waste removal vehicles. Contact us today to get started!

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