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Grapple Garbage Truck Safety Tips

Grapple garbage trucks can operate efficiently and accident-free for years, so long as they’re handled properly. Big Truck Rental would like to share the following grapple truck safety tips for rentals. If you’re looking to add a grapple truck to your fleet, get in touch with us today to learn about the many cost-effective advantages of our short- and long-term rental agreements.

Staying Safe While Using a Grapple Truck Around Other Workers

The National Waste and Recycling Association (NWRA) recommends these protocols when operating a grapple garbage truck around work crews:

  • Maintain constant visual contact between the driver and employees outside of the vehicle.
  • Use a human spotter to help guide the driver whenever possible.
  • Use extra caution during inclement weather or after sundown.

Staying Safe While Riding Outside the Vehicle

The safest place to be when operating a grapple garbage truck is inside the cab itself. Workers should avoid standing on the riding steps unless no other option is available.

In the event the steps are used, the vehicle should never exceed 10 miles an hour. Riders should remain alert for potential safety hazards such as parked vehicles, tree limbs, and telephone poles.

Staying Safe While Backing Up

Operating a grapple garbage truck in reverse calls for added caution. The NWRA recommends the following safeguards:

  • Turn on the hazard lights.
  • Roll down the windows.
  • Turn off the truck radio and other electronics (except for two-way communication devices).
  • Scan the area to make sure that no one is in the truck’s path.
  • Use a coworker as a spotter and maintain communication through prearranged hand signals.

Workers should avoid using the riding steps while the truck is in reverse.

Staying Safe While Driving a Grapple Garbage Truck on Public Roads

Sharing the road with other vehicles requires extra diligence on the driver’s part. Here are some important tips to keep in mind:

• Make sure that turn signals, headlights, and similar components are in proper working order before driving the truck.
• Check the vehicle’s reflective decals to ensure that they’re clean and easy to see.
• Avoid making phone calls while operating the truck. If you must call someone, then use a hands-free device.
• Execute stops and starts in a slow, controlled manner, keeping an eye on the surrounding environment at all times.

Following these grapple truck safety tips will help protect both your employees and the general public.

Grapple Garbage Truck Rentals

Having access to the latest vehicles is important for staying competitive in the waste hauling industry. But purchasing a new grapple truck can be cost-prohibitive in these economically challenging times.

That’s why renting garbage trucks makes so much sense. Flexible rental agreements from Big Truck Rental allow you to scale up or down as needed. As part of our exceptional customer service, we will give you a complete rundown of all the grapple garbage truck safety features and best practices so that you can keep your crew safe and your business running at optimum efficiency. Contact us today to get started.

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