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Grapple Truck Comparisons: Which Model is Right for Your Fleet?

Grapple trucks are the perfect solution for dealing with bulk waste removal. Equipped with powerful hydraulic arms and grabber claws, a grapple truck can pick up and dispose of waste that is too heavy or unwieldy for a human crew to safely handle. Like any kind of tool, grapple trucks come in different types, each with its own unique advantages.

Grapple Truck Models Compared

If you want to get the most out of your grapple truck, it’s critical to understand which one will be most useful for your waste management company and the types of waste removal jobs you deal with.

Combination Loader and Body

On a combination loader, the grapple arm is connected to a conventional dump truck, allowing the operator to drop refuse directly into the truck’s collection bin. This means that combination loaders excel at collecting and hauling small to moderate amounts of waste, as they can work more quickly than other types of grapple trucks. However, they lack the same carrying capacity as other non-grapple trucks in their same weight and size class.

Grapple-Enabled Roll-off Trucks

On these trucks, the grapple arm is located between the truck’s cab and the waste container itself. The container itself is detachable and can be switched out for a new one as it becomes full. This means that the operator can simply drop off waste bins at a truck terminal or landfill and receive an empty bin, making roll-off trucks perfect if your worksite is near one of these locations. However, these back-and-forth trips can be more time-consuming.

Rear-Mounted Grappling Arm (no collection bin)

These trucks lack collection bins of their own, and instead deposit collected waste into other vehicles nearby. The advantage of this design is that the grapple truck and its operator can focus purely on waste collection, but it also means that your fleet will need other vehicles to handle transportation, which can increase your operating costs.

Rear-Mounted Grappling Arm with Connected Trailers

On this design, the truck features a detachable trailer at the rear of the chassis rather than a built-in collection bin. Similar to the prior design, this type of grapple truck is not permanently connected to its collection bin, meaning it can disconnect and operate independently. Like the previous type, however, this means that the collection bin will require another vehicle to haul it to the dump site.

Rear-Steering Grapple Trucks

This type includes a control station between the grapple arm and the truck’s cab, with the collection bin at the rear of the chassis. This gives the arm’s operator a direct view of the arm while it is in use, making it perfect for precision control.

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