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Which Rear Loader Garbage Truck is Right for Your Residential Route

While rear-loader garbage trucks offer durability and versatility, consider the unique needs of your trash removal business to make the best selection. When it comes to residential trash removal businesses, garbage truck rental is a great way to get the job done cost-effectively. However, business owners should choose the model and brand that best suits their needs.

The following are a few rear loader trucks and the benefits they offer. This information can help you make the right rental decisions to ensure your business continues to thrive.

Dependable Truck Manufacturers

Finding the right truck manufacturer is critical in ensuring your fleet remains reliable. It’s essential to choose a brand and model that works with your budget and offers parts and services you will need to keep everyone on the road.

Our list of dependable truck manufacturers includes the following:


First established in 1939, Peterbilt is a highly trusted name in the commercial truck manufacturing industry. Despite its lengthy history, the brand has earned a reputation for innovation in trucking technology, including remote diagnostics and advanced navigation systems.


With more than five decades of experience behind them, McNeilus is considered an industry leader thanks to its focus on innovation. In fact, the company has over 850 new patents to ensure its customers have access to the latest technology.


Serving customers for over a century, Heil is instrumental in providing refuse collection vehicles to all waste industry sectors. Along with rear loaders, they also offer a wide selection of front and side loaders to ensure customers can find the best vehicle for their needs.

Quality Rear Loader Models to Consider

Quality rear loader models work well for residential and commercial routes from county highways to densely populated urban areas.

Some of the best models include the following:

Peterbilt Model 520

A marriage of efficiency and durability, the Peterbilt Model 520 offers essential benefits like a durable steel subframe, remote access to truck diagnostics, and increased visibility thanks to the angled dash. Operators can also look forward to a comfortable ride, as this truck is outfitted with superior climate control and optimum airflow inside the cab.

McNeilus Heavy-Duty Rear Loader

While it offers the same great performance as the standard rear loader, the McNeilus Heavy-Duty Rear Loader excels in compaction strength. With the ability to compact 1,000 pounds of refuse to fit a three cubic yard hopper, you can’t beat the efficiency offered by this machine. This ability makes it ideal for lengthy routes, as you won’t need to make as many trips to the local landfill.

Heil Powertrak Commercial Plus High-Capacity Rear Loader

The Heil Powertrak Commercial Plus High-Capacity Rear Loader is just the vehicle when you want something quick and powerful. In addition to an impressive compaction rate equaling 1,200 pounds of trash per cubic yard, the truck is also quite swift. Compaction cycles can be as brisk as 21 seconds in some instances, making routes more efficient than ever. And while residential routes are unlikely to encounter bulky construction waste, this truck is up for the task.

Contact Us Today for More Information

Still not sure which option is right for your business? Then contact our team at Big Truck Rental to discuss rear loader garbage truck rental options. We have a vast fleet of trucks suited to diverse businesses, and we’re always happy to share our knowledge with customers.

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