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Petersen Grapple Truck Technical Support

Petersen is one of the leading names in the garbage truck business. Not only does the company build excellent vehicles, it backs up its products with a full range of technical support services.

World-Class Warranty Service

The standard warranty is the bedrock of Petersen grapple truck technical support. It covers structural features for three years and hydraulic components for a full 12 months.

Service is available from Petersen’s nationwide network of dealers and authorized repair shops, so help is never more than a phone call away.

Ongoing Training and Refresher Courses

The experts at Petersen produce DVD and online training videos that cover all aspects of Petersen grapple truck operation. These resources are available for free or at a nominal cost. They’re a great way to keep your employees updated on the latest safety and operational techniques.

Quick Shipping of Replacement Parts and Equipment

When you purchase a Petersen grapple truck, you’re getting one of the best vehicles of its type on today’s market. But, in the unlikely event that your truck needs service, Petersen’s shipping department keeps a huge inventory of parts on hand.

Most orders go out the same day they’re placed, so you can get your vehicle back up and running in minimal time.

Nationwide Customer Support

Petersen’s support professionals are never more than a phone call or Internet message away. They provide quality service to vehicle operators across North America from their central office in Lake Wales, Florida.

Continuous Quality Improvement

As good as Petersen grapple trucks are, the folks at the company know they can always be a little better. That’s why they invest in ongoing research to keep their vehicles on the cutting-edge of safety and performance.

When Petersen comes out with a new innovation, you’ll know about it right away so you can choose whether or not to take advantage of it. If you do, then the company offers speedy shipping and full installation instructions for a very reasonable fee.

Petersen Grapple Trucks for Rent

One of the easiest ways to add new vehicles to your fleet is to take advantage of our Petersen grapple truck rentals program at Big Truck Rental. That way, you are only responsible for routine preventative maintenance, while we take care of any upgrades, expensive maintenance, and repairs. When your rental period ends, you can simply turn the trucks in and walk away.

We’d love to tell you more about the benefits of garbage truck rental. Our customer service experts are waiting to hear from you, so contact us today.

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