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What Are the Front Loader Garbage Truck Specifications?

Front loader trucks are designed to provide ease and convenience when handling commercial waste hauling routes. Big Truck Rental is a one-stop provider for expanding your waste disposal fleet. Our front loader garbage truck specifications make them ideal for handling even the heaviest industry applications, like construction and demolition disposal.

Our Front Loader Garbage Truck Dimensions

Our inventory includes front loader garbage trucks from trustworthy manufacturers. Each brand has its own specifications. Check out the front loader garbage truck dimensions and specs of each to determine which model is best for your waste hauling operations.


This manufacturer is renowned for rugged and heavy-duty handling on even the toughest commercial routes. Its front loader has a fast pack cycle that keeps the 12-cubic-yard hopper clear at all times. Since 2015, all trucks are also equipped with LED trap, and camera assist lights. Its arm capacity can lift up to 10,000-pounds, hence the brand’s reputation for durability.

Please check out the McNeilus official brochure for the exact body and arm dimensions.


This brand’s front loader is aptly named the Half/Pack™ Front Loader. As suggested in its name, the truck weighs in at a trim 15,200 pounds, making it a lightweight among its class. Despite its relatively small frame and base weight, it has an impressive legal payload of 11 tons. This truck is ideal for routes with imposed vehicle weight limits. It has a 12-cubic-yard hopper with an arm lifting capacity of 8,000 pounds.

See the official Heil webpage for exact dimensions of the Half/Pack.


Labrie has two front loader models. The first is the Wittke Starlight. This is a lighter-weight model with greater agility and fast lifting cycle. The other is the Wittke Superduty and is engineered for ruggedness. These front loaders have an arm capacity of 8,000 pounds and an arm cycle time of 14 seconds at 1500 rpm. The hopper size is an ample 12-cubic-yards.

Go to the Labrie website for a breakdown of the dimensions.

Add a Front Loader to Your Fleet

Call Big Truck Rental and add a front loader garbage truck to your existing fleet. With three reliable brands to select from, you are sure to find a model that best accommodates your residential and commercial routes. You may even be able to expand to new routes and cover additional areas of operations.

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