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Side Loader Garbage Truck Manufacturers

Side loader garbage trucks offer flexibility for streamlined waste collection and minimal downtime, especially when handling residential routes. At Big Truck Rental, we only partner with side loader manufacturers that have earned our trust and approval. Learn about the time-tested brands behind the side loader trucks that we have on inventory for rental.


The Zero Radius is McNeilus’ side loader truck. It utilizes a simple-to-operate arm and a low-height hopper for easy manual waste disposal. Optional features include hopper work lights, camera-assist lights, single to triple camera systems, and decals for advertising.


Heil is a long-trusted name in waste disposal trucks. One of its side loaders we have on inventory is the Durapack® Python® Automated Side Loader. This residential hauler has a compaction rate of 900 lbs per cubic yard. The refuse body comes courtesy of Durapack, renowned for its durability and exceptional toughness. The patented Python arm has an eight-second lift cycle, faster than the industry standard and can save collectors up to four seconds per stop.


The Automizer comprises of a collection of side loader garbage trucks designed mainly for residential applications. It has an arm with a 12-feet span and able to lift 1,000-pounds even while fully extended. This feature is an invaluable asset when maneuvering and hauling in areas with parked cars and other obstructions. The arm is easy to control using a simple joystick and the system’s Zero-Grab swing-out technology.

Rent from Us

The side loader garbage truck manufacturers we partner with have earned our trust due to their proven track record of durability and longevity. A side loader is a valuable addition that will significantly cut down on time. You will also be able to expand operations to routes that were previously inaccessible. Contact Big Truck Rental to invest in a rental fleet for your refuse disposal company.

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