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How to Operate a McNeilus Zero Radius Side Loader Garbage Truck

If there’s one thing that sets the best automated garbage trucks apart from the competition, it’s their versatility. The McNeilus Zero Radius Side Loader garbage truck is adept at navigating even the tightest, narrowest roads, and its arm—with its optional 12-foot extension—helps to ensure optimal efficiency in completing your route. If you want to make your fleet faster and more cost-effective, contact Big Truck Rental to learn more about our Side-Loader garbage truck rentals and our long-term and short-term rental agreements.

Meanwhile, here is what every operator needs to know about using the McNeilus Zero Radius Side Loader truck.

Starting the Truck

Before starting the daily route, operators should run through all of the routine daily maintenance checks, such as checking the hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical systems. Cycle through each of the main hydraulic circuits, and make sure that the battery switch is set to on.

After starting the engine, let the vehicle idle for five minutes. Then, turn on the pump for five minutes. Cycle through the packing, top door, grabber, and arm functions. Make sure that all of the vehicle’s moving parts, such as the arm, are in their proper positions, and that the pump switch is off.

Operating the Truck

The joystick enables the operator to lift, lower, extend, and retract the arm and grabber, as well as open and close the grabber’s fingers. The truck’s control box allows the operator to access the emergency stop light, the red LED warning lights, and the buttons that operate the arm, grabber, tailgate, pump, and other refuse collection functions. It’s critical for operators to familiarize themselves with the McNeilus zero radius side loader garbage truck manual and keep a hard copy with them in the cab at all times.

Finishing the Route

At the end of every route, the operator will take the McNeilus Zero Radius Side Loader garbage truck to the landfill to dump the collected refuse. Make sure that no one is standing within 20 feet of the truck. Once the truck is in the right position, open the tailgate, then extend the packer panel to the center of the truck. Retract the panel to its original position, then repeat. Finally, extend the packer panel so that it is fully extended, then slowly move the truck forward. This will ensure that all of the refuse is dumped out of the truck. Once the tailgate is clean, close it.

Are you in need of better vehicles for your municipal or private trash removal? Big Truck Rental offers short- and long-term McNeilus Zero Radius Side Loader garbage truck rental agreements along with a wide selection of other state-of-the-art vehicles for refuse collection. Contact us today to request a quote!

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