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How to Operate a Heil Python Side Loader

The Heil Python side loader garbage truck is rightly renowned for its durability and innovative operating features. Its automated arm can lift as much as 800 pounds at a time, and it has an impressive eight-second lift cycle. This means that it can significantly speed up your schedule by making garbage collection that much more efficient. Operation is smooth and consistent, and the entire truck is designed to minimize needless noise. If you’re searching for a versatile garbage truck that will help you streamline delivery, then the Heil Python is the perfect rental. Here is what you need to know about operating a Heil Python side loader.

Your pre-route checklist

Always check the body and chassis for any potential issues before taking the truck out on its daily route. You should engage the hydraulic pump, test the parking brake, and check the hydraulic oil. This will help to ensure that the truck is in top condition, so you can be confident that you will not encounter any problems while on the road.

All operators should be wearing the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at all times while operating Heil side loader trucks. Refer to the Heil Python side loader garbage truck manual for comprehensive troubleshooting ideas.

Loading refuse with the arm

Before using the truck’s arm to lift a refuse cart, make sure that the cart is free of any nearby obstructions and that there are no electrical lines immediately overhead. Move the truck into an appropriate position for lifting the cart, where the arm can easily reach it. Make sure that the truck’s hopper is open. Then, pull up the System Power button and push the Pump On button, while keeping your foot on the service brake.

Use the arm’s grabbers to firmly grasp the cart; as soon as the grabbers close, the system will automatically lift the cart and dump its contents into the hopper. Finally, use the joystick to return the cart to its original position.

Rent a Heil Python Side Loader Garbage Truck from Big Truck Rental

Contact us at Big Truck Rental to learn about affordable Heil Durapack Python side loader garbage truck rental options, including convenient short- and long-term contracts. We have been providing municipalities and private trash removal companies in the U.S. and Canada with exceptional garbage trucks for nearly two decades. If you are ready to learn more about our Heil Python side loader trucks, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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