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How to Operate a Labrie Automizer Side Loader Garbage Truck

If you are looking for a dependable truck for your fleet, then the Labrie automizer side loader garbage truck is a terrific choice. Labrie is known for its versatile yet practical vehicles, and this truck is no exception. In order to use the truck safely, however, it’s important to ensure that you know how to operate it properly. Here are some basic guidelines for operating the Labrie automizer side loader garbage truck.

Preparing to Operate the Labrie Automizer Side Loader Truck

Perform a routine daily inspection before using the Labrie automizer side loader garbage truck. Check the tires and the hydraulic tank to make sure there are no leaks. Use a rag to make sure all lights and decals are clean. Finally, check the hopper bucket for cracks or other signs of damage. When you start the truck, make sure that the parking brake is on, the hydraulic system is off, and the transmission shifter is set to neutral.

Operating the Labrie Automizer Side Loader Truck

To collect refuse during your route, stop the Labrie automizer side loader truck at a point where the arm can easily reach the cart. Then, use the joystick to grab the cart and raise it to the hopper. Once refuse has fallen into the hopper, make sure the cart is empty, then return the cart to its original position on the curb. Finally, retract the arm, open the grabber, and drive on to the next cart on the route. It’s important to know and follow all safety guidelines for using the truck, including keeping the warning lights on while you are collecting refuse from carts.

Unloading Refuse at the End of the Route

Once you have finished your route and arrived at the landfill, find level ground to park on. Then, remove the safety pins from the tailgate. Then, lift the truck body and open the tailgate so that the refuse begins to slide out. While doing this, slowly drive the truck forward in order to provide more space for the garbage. Once the hopper is empty, close the tailgate and replace the safety pins before leaving the landfill. Finally, perform a post-route inspection of the truck.

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