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How to Operate a Heil Half/Pack Front Loader Garbage Truck

Garbage trucks have complex controls that vary from model to model. Each truck requires training for that specific brand and type. The Heil Half/Pack Front Loader garbage truck is no exception.

Refer to the Heil Half/Pack Service Manual

The Heil front-loader garbage truck has undergone new technological advancements. Drivers who solely operated older models may have to acquaint themselves with the new controls and functions before taking the truck out for a scheduled route-run.

For operation instructions, we highly suggest referring to the Heil front-loader service manual as your first go-to source. It contains full instructions for:

  •  Controls, switches, and indicator lights
  • Cold weather warmup procedure
  •  Body and tailgate props
  •  Checking the hydraulic oil level
  •  Tilting the chassis cab
  •  On-route operation procedure
  •  Basic packing techniques
  •  Compacting the load
  •  AutoPack™
  •  Unloading refuse
  •  Sump wand washout systems
  •  Cortex controller controls
  •  Preventative maintenance
  •  And much more

Make sure to keep a physical copy in the cabin for the operator.

Additional Operating Assistance for the Heil Half/Pack Front Loader

Heil trucks have an advantage as their front loaders have a number of patented control systems that you won’t find in any other garbage truck brand. If you require additional operating assistance in these areas, you can visit Heil’s official YouTube channel. It has several tutorial videos for operating some of the more complex controls. Alternatively, you can visit the Heil Service Shack. You will find an archive of videos for its specific control systems. This includes video tutorials for the SST™ Automated Side Loader, the H.A.L.O Semi-Autonomous Controls, and In-Sight Display panel to list a few.

If you wish to speak to someone directly, get in touch with a Heil service representative. The manufacturer provides multiple support services for both operators and mechanics.

We Are Here to Assist You

Big Truck Rental is proud to offer Heil garbage truck rentals to our customers. We are another source of contact if you have operating-related questions. Contact Big Truck Rental for a Heil Half/Pack front loader garbage truck rental; remember, we continually provide assistance once the truck is in your possession.

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