Side Loader Residential Garbage Truck Rental for COVID-19
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Residential Garbage Truck Volume Increasing Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

While the unprecedented shutdown resulting from the coronavirus pandemic has left some industries in a near-complete hiatus, the waste industry is experiencing a dramatic increase in demand due to massive numbers of people who are “sheltering in place.” The huge upswing in residential garbage pickups has created an urgent need for residential garbage truck rental.

Why the Uptick in Residential Garbage Pickups During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

With so many “non-essential business” employees across the country either working from home or out of work, Americans are spending almost all of their time at home. More time inside means more waste generated in the household, leading to a spike in residential garbage pickups. Waste workers in metropolitan areas are putting in additional hours. Many have reported seeing residential bins filled far closer to capacity than normal. Meanwhile, normal commercial pickup routes have been scaled back significantly.

Impact of COVID-19 on the Refuse Industry

Most cities have also deemed solid waste collection to be an essential service, and additional trucks are being deployed in areas especially affected by the pandemic. Cities are sending crews in residential areas outside their normal service routes. Temporary hires are being incorporated into the workforce to pick up the additional slack.
The Solid Waste Association of North America is collaborating in tandem right now with major cities to ease quarantine restrictions for the industry and devise plans that ensure timely pickup without compromising safety and sanitation standards.

How Can Big Truck Rental Help?

Many waste collection services are scheduling additional runs for their residential routes. Is your current vehicle fleet equipped to handle the excess demand? Refuse contractors have increasingly turned to short-term rentals to fortify their fleets with additional rear- or side-loader garbage trucks. Our short-term contract is flexible and designed to meet the demands of temporary circumstances, such as the current pandemic. It takes into consideration events with no foreseeable timeline.
We are here to assist the industry in this challenging time. We can have a rental ready for you within 48 hours. Contact us if you need a rental and need it fast. Just as your crew stands ready to serve the public, we stand ready to help you.

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