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What Are the Benefits of a Short-Term Garbage Truck Rental Plan?

At Big Truck Rental, we provide short-term rental plans for the simple reason of providing flexible options to our customers. Many clients all over the U.S. and Canada benefit from the advantages of a short-term garbage truck plan. Find out how you can do the same for improving efficiency and reducing downtime.

How Long Is a Short-Term Rental Plan?

Typical rental contracts extend for months and even up to one or more years. Waste hauling companies may not need a specific vehicle for that length of time, especially if they only need the truck for a seasonal or one-off project. Short-term garbage truck rental contracts are usually below six months and can be as short as 30 days. This is about the length of most temporary projects. Most short-term contracts also allow for contract extensions. After all, the future isn’t always foreseeable, and you never know when demands may increase on the fly.

Short-Term Garbage Truck Rental Benefits

How is a short-term rental contract of benefit to your waste hauling business? All the benefits eventually come down to flexibility, which helps expand your ROI. One major benefit is the reduced operational expenses.

Often, waste disposal companies refrain from accepting a temporary project, such as an emergency cleanup proposal, due to the lack of equipment. Renting is an option, but the contract stipulates rental terms of months or more. The project, though, may only last several weeks. This means paying extra and holding onto the equipment long after the project’s completion. This is impractical for many waste-hauling companies, making rental a non-solution.

With a short-term rental contract, waste companies:

  • Save inventory space as they do not have to store unused vehicles for prolonged periods
  • Can accept temporary and season-dependent projects
  • Fulfill project obligations while owned equipment are awaiting repairs
  • Fulfill projects while awaiting new vehicle delivery/acquisitions
  • Test a vehicle before investing in a purchase
  • Test a variety of different brands of side/rear/front loaders from different manufacturers within a short timeframe.

Our Short-Term Rental Plans Provide Expedient Options

We offer flexible short-term contracts for various side, front, and rear automated loaders. This ensures you only have the vehicle for the duration you need. You are never confined to lengthy plans where you have to pay and hold onto the equipment for longer than necessary. Contact Big Truck Rental to enquire about our contract lengths and terms of conditions.

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